[2.0] DW Crit Dagger Build Help Please!

So, what I wanted to do was stray from my usual builds of smash, smash with shield, smash with element, and so on. I decided that a Ranger dual wielding daggers (claws/swords and I finally settled on daggers and named her poinythingPOINTYTHINGS) focusing on crit chance/damage would be super fun, challenging, and out of my comfort zone; not to mention that no build that I've tried on Hardcore has worked thus far.

I've made it to Act 3, much to my surprise, and honestly don't know really what to do as far as my passives are concerned. My plan (what I've planned out so far anyway) is to use a 5L DS and 4L Reave. Those skills so far with the gear and links I have, are working great for me in combination with what else I have which I will explain below. I just don't know if I want or need to concentrate heavily on my crits, health, or whatever else while I'm in Act 3.

This is my build at LVL 29

I will be removing the mana and Primal Spirit nodes eventually but for now it's essential in the aid of the pointy ends to go into the bad and/or neutral people.


Gear and Skills

This is my first real character in this league so my inventory/stash is a sad state and lacking. I haven't started farming yet, but seeing as I've made it to Act 3 I was thinking about starting and hopefully being able to find something decent; maybe a Meginord's (rrrriiiiight)...

Didn't link my pots because again, nothing special and I have nothing better to replace them. I'm running two health, two mana, and a QSF. I was running ICS on DS until I had access to FA. Clarity has been helping a lot with mana issues, but I want to run Grace or Anger now that I have the access. The skills I still have attached are skills I'm just not sure about and I know I can just buy them but, hold habits. I'm still not really well acquainted with the new Life/Mana Leech laws but I know the potential damage from crits will still be an astounding return if I do it right. Again I'm just not sure about any of this.

(It is really kind of embarrassing posting that gear setup haha)


Normal: Oak

That's all so far, haven't really decided which after that. Kinda just hoping to make it to Cruel (hell of a spoiler huh?).

If you've taken the time to read this, I really really appreciate it. Any, and I mean any, input or suggestions would be awesome (especially concerning the masters and jewels). Thanks for your time gang and may your drops be unique and plentiful!
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Elreon, Vorici and Haku plus Vagan* are masters you should lvl up at first. Jewells are just mobile (better)
nodes, once you will get any you will know best yourself if you need it or not.

*I pressume you wanna stick with melee.
Burn all the orbs!
I am definitely going to be sticking with melee (daggers). I'm just not sure what do for survival at this point you know? Do I try and damage my way through the Act by going to the Shadow for the crit/dagger nodes or beef my through and venture towards Duelist and the health/evasion and armor/resists?

Also, thanks for the quick and informative reply!
I have a lvl 89 dual wield crit dagger melee ranger build in tempest currently. I have a build guide up here:

I could swap my cyclone gem for reave and be ready to go without making any other build adjustments. People have suggested I use reave instead of cyclone, but i'm personally not a fan of reave. There's a link to my skill tree in my post.

That should give you a starting point.

good luck!

This is great! Thanks so much for replying and this is definitely going to help a lot. To each their own you know? I hadn't even thought about Cyclone to be honest, I was rocking Lightning Strike/Dual Strike when I first started but Reave just felt better when I started using it.

Thanks again, and good luck to you as well!

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