[2.0 Tempest] dual crit dagger cyclone; 86.72% crit chance

This is a guide to my lvl 87 Hardcore Tempest dual crit dagger cycloner Ranger


-High dps, fast map clears
-reasonable price
-to survive in Hardcore/tempest!

The current flavor for most cycloners is to start as a marauder, grab RT (resolute technique), and wield a high DPS, 2h weapon.

I had such a build in Tempest. I've always liked the dual crit dagger builds and decided to see if I could make cyclone work with it.

Cyclone advantages:
-cheap (not unique dependent to make the build work)
-high dps

Cyclone disadvantages:
-you have to get very close and personal to mobs to kill them
-very hard to see status ailments due to the cyclone skill effect (think corrupted blood spheres)

Ranger Cyclone advantages vs RT marauder:
-higher potential dps
-better mobility
-physical damage avoidance
-elemental damage avoidance

Ranger Cyclone disadvantages vs RT marauder:
-smaller life pool
-less physical damage reduction
-harder to get red sockets on evasion gear
-harder to overcap resists
-less weapon range

At lvl 87 my marauder has
6.3k life
21k armor (+20% DR from fortify)
8% chance to evade

At lvl 87 my ranger has
4.5k life
300 armor (+20% DR from fortify)
52% chance to evade (13,400 evasion without a jade flask)
40% chance to dodge
15% chance to block
30% chance to dodge spell damage

Thus the ranger has much better chance to avoid damage, but the marauder has much better physical damage reduction for hits that do make it through.

1 - 0.48 x .60 x .85 = 75.5% chance to avoid physical damage. We still have to be concerned about the 24.5% of the physical attacks that connect.

The prevailing wisdom is that Evasion isn't very good right now because of the risk of being one shot due to spike damage. All I can say to that is I'm level 87 in Tempest and still alive. As with most HC characters though, I do fully expect to die eventually. :)

My marauder 6L cyclone DPS at lvl 87 is 12.6k
My ranger 6L cyclone DPS at lvl 87 is 31.7k

Build specs:

The idea is to dual wield daggers since they have the highest base crit chance. This build can be done by wearing only rare items. This makes the build extremely affordable. You can, however, greatly increase the dps of the build by using a number of crit enhancing unique items.

We start at the Ranger part of the tree, and collect most of the crit chance/crit multiplier passive points in the Ranger, Duelist, and Shadow trees. Coupled with the usual life nodes, accuracy, physical damage, evasion, and resists to round out our character.

Here's the link to our passive tree @ lvl 87:

Passive skill tree build

Bandit quests:

The build is not dependent on generating charges.

I started early in the build by equipping the usual rares to cap my resists, build as much life as I could, and to gain crit chance/crit multi where I could.

Resist rings help a bunch with survivability, but I decided to go with dual diamond rings for the increased global crit chance. I also went very offensive with my amulet by going with a dual crit. I do have a pair of gloves with accuracy/flat phys/attack speed/life. They give me about 5k dps vs a defensive pair of gloves. Going offensive on the gloves against makes it harder to overcap resists. Overcapping is nice in the event you are cursed.

An even better choice for gloves for this spec are Maligaro's. They are very offensive with both crit and crit multi, the downside is they are considerably more expensive than in past leagues. I paid 2ex for my pair of Maligaro's gloves.

The helm is another spot where a couple good choices exist for crit builds. Again you can certain use a rare helm, but if you go with something like a rat's nest you gain attack speed and crit chance on the helm. Sadly they have also increased in price since previous leagues and I paid 1ex for mine in Tempest.

The downside of going with an offensive helm of course is that it comes at the cost of survivability. A rare helm with high life and multiple resists is cheaper and helps a bunch to keep you alive in the HC leagues like Tempest.

An even higher DPS helm option exists; The Abyssus

Equipping an Abyssus vs a rare helm basically doubles your dps. The downside is that you take a whopping 40-50% extra physical damage from attacks. In the hardcore leagues this usually ends in a quick trip back to standard.

I've used the Abyssus off and on with this build. It's very tempting to use it because of how fast you can clear maps, but it's a bit of a white-knuckle adventure knowing that you can get 1-hit KO'd that much easier. In the end I take the relatively safer Rat's nest helm instead. If I was playing softcore though I would definitely use the Abyssus.

For my daggers, i'm using wielding dual Bino's. They are not best possible choice for DPS, but in young leagues it's very hard to find better rare daggers. I paid 1ex for one of my bino's and a bit under 1ex for the other. Their main strength is their very high local crit chance which is then multiplied by all the other global crit multipliers which means you want to start with the highest base crit possible. Bino's can exceed 10% local crit chance. They also have global crit multi on them which further boosts their DPS. Although they are only ~225 dps, they will actually out dps other daggers with higher pdps/lower crit because the base crit is scaled so much in this build.

The remainder of my gear are rares. I'm wearing diamonds rings as previously mentioned, a dual crit amulet, rustic sash, EV boots, and a hybrid AR/EV chest piece.

I would prefer to use straight EV gear in this build, but many of the links need red gems. Trying to get lots of red sockets on items that want to roll green means burning lots of chromes. Trying to get 4r,1g,1b on a pure EV chest would be 5 off color and that's pretty much impossible to get.

I have in the past used a 5L Daresso's defiance chest. It's a pretty solid piece and i'm into is just the cost of 5 linking it. Thus about 1.5 exalts. A 6L Daresso's would be great, but 6 linking one would cost a bundle. Buying one would be 12+ exalts most likely. Thus, I went a less expensive route and bought a strong 6 link hybrid armor for 3.5ex.

Again I want to stress that you could do all of this build using only rare items. The total cost of a usable build would be measured in chaos, not exalts. I've decided to see how far I can push this build and that's why I've invested as much as I have. I estimate I've spent roughly 10 exalts on this character in its current state.

As far as flasks go all of them have the "surgeon's" prefix which grants 1 flask charge on critical strike. With 86+% chance to crit and 2.6 APS my flasks are basically always at the ready.

For skill setups I have my cyclone on my 6 link chest. I'm running dual 4 link immortal call setups, I have a 4 link dual strike setup for single target (which is almost never used), my ice golemn setup on a 3 link, and grace/hatred setup on my other 3 link.

For cyclone I would run it as follows:
4L: cyclone + blood magic + fortify + melee physical
5L: cyclone + blood magic + fortify + melee physical + increased AoE
6L: cyclone + blood magic + fortify + melee physical + increased AoE + added fire

two questions come up:
1) "Why increased AoE intead of conc effect or another dps gem?"

I've run cyclone with AoE, with conc effect, and with neither. I find that the fastest clearing is actually with increased AoE because you can hit an entire pack of mobs without having to double back to get the ones you missed. The tooltip dps with conc effect looks nice, but I find that i'm actually clearing slower with it because I spend so much time having to chase down mobs.

2) "Why aren't you using any of power charge on crit, increased critical strikes, or increased critical damage gems?

I've tried all combinations of the various dps gems and despite having very high crit chance and crit multi, the other dps gems like melee physical and added fire still offer more dps.

Not that I would ever run it this way, but if i equip the Abyssus and replace my increased AoE gems with conc effect the tooltip DPS becomes:

Again if I was playing in standard I would definitely use the Abyssus, but I still wouldn't use conc effect.

As far as what content I can do with this build. So far I've not gone passed lvl 75 maps because I have struggled to maintain a map pool beyond that. Up to that point though it's smooth sailing.

There's also the idea that a good offense makes for a good defense. I agree. Being able to kill packs of mobs very quickly reduces the chances of them attacking. Also I'm constantly chilling/freezing/shattering mobs which further reduces their chances of doing damage to me.

Lastly, It's very satisfying being able to quick silver from pack to pack, cyclone straight though them, and leave a trail of shattered corpses behind me. There's something about hearing corpses shatter that is very rewarding.

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