Photos of the New Grinding Gear Games Office!

The entrance.

The new kitchen! (Yes, those are Magic the Gathering cards.)

The guild stash! (The secret to game development is sugar and caffeine.)

This is the rec-room! We host our Monday company meetings and lunches here. The projector is also used in this room for movie nights and rowdy gaming!

This is the customer support office! Say "Hi!", Jared!

This is the conference room. Previous team meetings would need to be held loudly in the middle of the room or outside under the flocking birds. By comparison, having the conference room has been great.

This is where the game is made! This side has the design team, programmers, our audio guy, level designers, effects artists and animators!

This side of the room has some of the artists, our server guys, our web developer and Bex.

There's space left on this side to accommodate for new people!

In order of closest to farthest, Jonathan, Chris and Erik's offices. These offices are particularly neat in that the walls between them slide away to create one larger office if needed.
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Sometimes you can take the game out of the garage but you can't take the garage out of the game.
- raics, 06.08.2016

Really nice! Much better than the old one.

And how many emplyees do u have now?
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So shiny... nice!
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Very nice setup!
Looks great!
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Waiting for that guy who appeared outside the old office asking for a Beta invite to do the same here!
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