Additional Accuracy

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Make sure you concisely state your character build, level, and other complimenting abilities you have when you talk about a support.
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All feedback after this point is for 0.9.6.
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Feedback after this point is for 0.9.7
Balance & Design
Mana cost multipliers of 100% are not displayed.
dust7 wrote:
The letter for this skill is 'a', just like for the lesser multi support gem. Very confusing if you are using both.
Thanks, I'll change one of them.

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DeF46 wrote:
I have this support gem linked to two skills (as of writing, the item link below may change).


Flicker Strike <=> Increased Accuracy <=> Viper Strike.

Both have the little "a" in the icon.

ONLY Flicker Strike indicates "132 Additional Accuracy" in the skill description hover.

Viper Strike does not. Is it working properly?

I'm on the case!

EDIT: FIXED for 0.9.10.
Viper strike was missing the filter for what kinds of support stats could benefit it, and as a result not displaying stats added by supports.
This was a display-only issue and the stat was actually being applied.
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Some items in this post are currently unavailable.
It's not that the crit chance stat doesn't apply to spells, it's that this gem doesn't apply to spells. It is not possible to use this gem on a spell, due to it's main effect being accuracy it is restricted to attacks.
A few things that are inconsistent:

The thread title should be "Additional Accuracy" instead of "Increased Accuracy".
Also should list "Additional Accuracy" instead of "Increased Accuracy".
I have not looked everywhere, so there may be other places that show this inconsistency.
My go to wiki page lists it correctly:

As far as I remember (closed beta) this support gem has always been called "Additional Accuracy".


It was actually increased accuracy for a long time. I pushed for the name change to the more accurate "additional" at the end of closed beta (when we did the final full wipe)
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