2.0 Reave build Atziri viable for 7ex

Hi there! ım here ro explain my build.You can whisper or when ım offline add me as friend if you want so we can talk later my ign is: HolyPhoeniXXX
First of all it is my first build so guys ı can make so many mistakes and sorry for my english.Reave is still viable after so many nerfes.You can do a lot of things with little budget.I made this build beacuse reave is good to play and it is fun to play.It is not so hard to play reave.If you ve ping(dc) problems ı dont recommend to play this build.

I started to play reave when 2.0 came with warband league.It is my first build in warbands league.Thnx for help NurseWithoutWand.

Pros and Cons

-It ıs cheap and not hard to play
-Can do a lot of map mods(expect for max res-double ref)
-Vıable atziri for little budget
-Can do end game maps
-If you dont use fortify you can die easily when running end game maps.
-Need 4.200k life for end game maps
-If you have ping problems ı dont recommend this build
-Need at least +10000 evasion which ı dont have atm

Passive skill tree
You can play as ranger if you want but ı prefer shadow for fast leveling My pt:https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAwYAAF4FfQW1Bx4ILg2NDkgRlha_GY4brRvIIuoj9iT9JpUqCyo4LOEtVTBxMHwyATY9OkI94kcGSO5JUUp9S3hMYE2SUUdVS1WFVvVh4mHrYqxnoGqMbIxtbHBScFZ4rnpTfXV944d2jDaNfY2_joqQG5Uul9CaE5smnaqi2aOKpcumf6c0rGaw2LGzshm1SLk-u-PAnMFJwzrEosgUyNzN6s96z93TftQj18vYdttu29TdqOOE45_nVOd06Nbp_usU7UHtg-4O8NXxivPq9W_2_PzF_h3-uv_e?accountName=Theoger&characterName=HolyPhoeniXXX
End game passive tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAwYAAF4FfQW1Bx4ILg2NDkgRlhNQFHUWvxmOG60byCLqI9Mj9iT9JpUqCyo4LOEtVTBxMHwyATY9N9Q6Qj3iRwZI7kkPSVFKfUt4TGBNkk4qUUdVS1WFVvVbr2HiYetirGegaoxsjG1sbydwUnBWd9d4rnpTfXV944d2jDaNfY2_joqQG5Uul9CaE5pqmyabjZ2qotmjiqXLpn-nNKxmsNixs7IZtUi5PrvjwJzBScM6xKLIFMjczerPCs96z93TftQj18vYYNh2227b1N2o44Tjn-dU53To1un-6xTtP-1B7YPuDvDV8Yrz6vVv9vz8xf4d_rr_3g==

Helmet: +200eva +75life and res
Shield: +900 eva +90life and res
Dagger:(Ambusher) I killed first atiziri with 230pdps dagger +280pdps dagger with as and crit chance
Chestplate:+1300eva +80life and res
Amulet:Adds pyhsical damage+life(+65)+accuratyrating+crit multi+crit chance and res if you need
Rings:Adds pyhsical damage+life(+65)+res and streng on of it
Gloves:+200eva +70life and res
Belt:(Rustic Sash)+80life and a lot of res get wed if you can
Boots:Use atziri boots if you have capped resses but ım using ordinary boots with life and res

My gear:

Bandits: Normal: life(oak) Cruel:Pysical Damage(prefer pd) or as Merci: I got it passive skill point but you get frenzy charge

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