[2.0]Poison Arrow Scion

This is the Start of my Poison Arrow Scion Build, I am currently leveling the character so some of this stuff will be missing. I am using the build as a first character in a new league to get currency to fund other more expensive builds, but this build can be used as a mapping build. The build itself is pretty cheap the only really expensive items are Lightning Coil (which is not required, but its strongly recommended for HC leagues) and the drill neck, other then that good 6L are always pretty expensive but not that bad.

Bow: for the bow the main stats you are looking for are +1 level of socketed gems, +2 level of socketed bow gems, other stats to look for are resistances, and life/mana on kill
Quiver: for the quiver you are going to want to run a drillneck, or a piercing quiver if you can't afford drillneck

Gems and Links
This is a place holder that may or may not be filled out if I ever get around to it.

Passive Tree(subject to change)
This is the tree I'am using in Tempest atm. I havn't finished leveling yet and the tree may change based on what I find strong/weak

For leveling I recommend running flame totem and EK or something similar. In the passive tree you can take the spell damage points and level towards shadow, then respec them later. I would strongly recommend getting the Scion life wheel early so you don't rip.

Normal: Help Oak
Cruel: Kill all
Merciless: Help Kraitlyn

notes: Helping Kraitlyn in cruel is a viable option, although it is slightly weaker, it may help with leveling if you are using split arrow.

Other Stuff
This is a place holder that may or may not be filled out if I ever get around to it.

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