Additional 2.0.0h Hotfix

We deployed a hotfix that allows the Emberwake unique ring to drop. You do not need to restart your game client for this change to affect you.
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Awesome :).
Nice, looking forward to some interesting builds, but don't think it'll be any good due to shitty duration.
Just in time to try out a flame totem incinerate build, no critting anyway and makes ignites actually useful to that build. Firestorm too I guess but not so much with its 6% crit.
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Now just put the naked chicks back on the health and mana. Come on, stop fixing game breaking bugs and focus on the important things!
Maybe fireball will finally be good again! Can't wait to find this ring myself, though expecting it to be very rare as a 1000 point reward.
Hopefully it is not gated behind 78s
Are you able to chance Emberwake?
holy shit

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Edit - nvm i was wrong.

Should be fun to play with
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