detonate dead for 2.0

I remember hearing that DD used to be real strong for uber atziri. With all the changes "nerfs?" to DD has anyone tried attempting uber with it again? I found a 19% quality DD in warbands and was kind of thinking of trying it out however the 6% of mob hp change is a bit troubling. I guess that mob hp has been increased so maybe this isnt as big a nerf as I think. Im just wondering if anyone here has any good experiences with DD since 2.0?
Please try and then come back,
or someone who have tried it respond please.
Im also curious about the viability of DD, especially end-game.
You can check my profile, character aparapaparap (shadow) for tree/items. It feels mediocre in 70-72 maps I'm doing right now, even though I'm using 6L and dual wielding scepters 15%ele+17%fire+3 fire gems for fire trap/20%ele+23%fire, got most of fire and ele nodes on tree. I'm not dual cursing though, because I'm a lazy bum, maybe that's part of the problem.

8% to 6% of corpse life wasn't the only nerf, don't forget that two essential support gems of classic dd links got nerfed. Conc effect got 25% LESS radius of linked skill, prolif got radius reduced to fixed 12 and it got LESS damage multiplies that gets lower as you level the gem. The conc effect less radius further decreases the prolif range. It's triple nerf really.

Now for the buffs- the damage doesn't reflect, now it's even possible to go balls deep with crit dd and not worry about reflect. The monster life supposedly got buffed, this possibly compensates for the % of max life damage nerf.
If you want to do great damage with dd, go for neutral crit nodes, have support provide power charges for you, wear 6L carcass jack, dual wield doryani's catalysts.

Also you hearing about DD char doing uber is probably back from invasion league; Exalton had insane CI dd build, that got nerfed so hard it's not even remotely possible to do now.
also curious about this, thinking about trying it for my next build in tempest

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