[2.0] ESKA - (HYBRID SHIELD) Crit Claw Reave Ranger >> EV/ES-AR/ES - Ghost Reaver - Vaal Pact <<

Welcome Exile !

This is my self advanced INSANE way of Crit Reave Ranger.

The Build builds around the Defence nodes in the passive Skill Tree.
Basically we want to get a high Defences Shield with high Crit Weapon with alot of AoE from Reave.
We will have a good Life Pool (around 3-4K) and a good Energy Shield Pool (Around 2-3K).

The Damage in my opinion is insane and it's a really fast style of gameplay, whirling Blades makes this build really enjoyable.
With Vaal Reave and normal Reave there is a 8 Stack Reave possible which gives 240% increased Area Of Effect, so you will be hitting enemys even out of the border of your Screen.

The Life Pool saves us from Chaos Damage and just gives us Higher Hit Points (How much dmg u need to receive to die).

The Energy Shield Pool gives us more Hit Points and reduced chance to get stunned.

With the Claw in this Build we will leech Life aswell as Mana.

Vaal Pact makes the Life Leech apply instantly instead of a capped Heal per Second.
Ghost Reaver makes Life Leech apply to Energy Shield.

With Life gain on Hit on Gear we will regen Life. (or if u dont want to go Vaal Pact und regen from % Life regen of max Life)

#Build is similar to the one from Etup.

The all - MIGHTY:

Current Setup:


[Olivie] Level 80 Ranger (05/08/2015) - rip, starting new one

~ 3,5k Life, 2,5k ES
~ 55% crit, 40% Armour, 30% Evade, 42+% Block
With AoE increase and Foritfy ~16k DPS
With Concentrated and Melee on Full Life ~32k DPS


new One

[Olivietwo] Level 26 Ranger (05/08/2015)

Gem Setup:


5L / 6L:

Reave - Melee Damage - Multi Strike - Added Fire Damage - Fortify - Increased Aoe


Reave - Melee Damage - Multi Strike - Added Fire Damage - Melee Damage on Full Life - Concetrated effect

CoH - Assassins Mark/Poachers Mark - HoI(25%)

Hatred (50%) or (HoF (25%) + AA (25%)) - Enlighten

Enduring Cry - Vaal Reave

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic - PCoC

CwDt - Tempest Shield - Immortal Call - Increased Duration

Alternative would be to use Cyclone/Wild Strike as Main Skill.

If you have Problems managing Int or Strenght, pick up the +30 nodes or gear.




- High Crit Dagger or Claw
- High Physical
- Crit, Physical, Attack Speed, Life Gain / Leech


- Evasion+Armour Shield.
- pure Evasion or pure Armour

Since we picked up 520% increased Defences from equipped Shield we get *5,2 Armour/Evasion/Energy Shield from the Shield:
Shield: 650 Armour - 850 Evasion *5,2 = 3380 Armour - 4505 Evasion
Shield: 500 Evasion 500 Energy Shield*5,2 = 2600 Evasion and 2600 Energy Shield

Also you got around 40-50% Block Chance for Melee.


- Armour/Evasion Gear.
- Everything with +Life and +%Elemental Resistances


None are necessary, some are pretty good though.

- Daresso's Defiance Full Dragonscale
adds another 1000/800 to your defences.

- Lioneyes Remorse

- Lightning Coil

Im also free for Ideas like the Hidden Potential Gem with only magic Items.



- Oak
- Kraitlyn or Eramir
- Kraitlyn/Oak/Eramir (Hardly depending on your Playstyle)

Passive Tree:

Alternative Tree's (not recommended)

Offensive Dagger Tree


More Defensive Dagger Tree

147% Life + 5 Jewels


Claw Build


Claw ES/EV


All Out ES Witch


Unnamed / Unreleased





Coming soon!

Update History:


05/08/2015 - RIP'd in Tempest at 80 due beeing a Scrub, Updated whole Thread alot, going no with another Tree again, same Build, Maybe EV or AR

30/07/2015 - Huge Build Change, New Main Skill, Updated Thread

28/07/2015 - Minor Changes, Updated Passive Skill Trees, Added more HC viable one, Added Passive Tree Summary

27/07/2015 - Updated Skilltree (Minor changes for more Int and Strength for item requirements

23/07/2015 - Created Thread

Other Builds:


Old Build:

Wild Strike Crit CoC - EK - AB Dagger Shield AA Ranger

My idea is Doing alot of Fast Hits with Wildstrike, getting them crit's and a good amount of damage already with Wild Strike, and then hit really hard with the CoC EK and Arctic Breath combination. And even stun-freezing some.

It's inspired by these two builds -->
I took the for me awesome part out of both und combined it with something i tested personally.

[2.0] =>Speedy Crit Wild Strike | NEW VIDEOS | 52k w/290dps dagger | 61% block | 10k armour
[2.0] Test build Hidden Potential - Scion COC EK + Arc Build

Current Setup

Level 61 Ranger (28/07/2015)

~ 60% crit, 55% Armour, 40% Evade, 40% Block


Gem Setup

5L / 6L:

CoC - Wild Strike - Ethereal Knives - Arctic Breath - - Multi Strike - BM or another Spell (PCoC/Life Leech/Faster Attacks)

CoH - Assassins Mark - Herald Of Ice(25%) - Vengeance/Riposte

Arctic Armour (25%) - Anger (50%) or Herald of Fire - Enlighten

Blood Rage - Blood Magic - Summon Ice Golem

Whirling Blades - Fortify - Blood Magic - Enduring Cry

CwDt - Tempest Shield - Immortal Call - Increased Duration

If you have Elreon's -Mana Cost of Skill on Rings that outdo the mana Cost of Main Skill, u can switch BM for another Gem, which could greatly increase the Damage.

Alternative would be to use Cyclone as Main Skill, which needs alot less Mana.

If you have Problems managing Int or Strenght, pick up the +30 nodes or gear.



- High Crit Dagger
- High Physical and/or Spell Damage
- Crit, Physical, DMG on hit with Attack/Spell, Attack Speed


- Evasion+Armour Shield.
- pure Evasion or pure Armour

Since we picked up 430% increased Defences from equipped Shield we get *4,3 Armour/Evasion/Energy Shield from the Shield:
Shield: 650 Armour - 850 Evasion *4,3 = 2795 Armour - 3655 Evasion
Shield: 1800 Armour *4,3 = 7740Armour

Just from the Shield. (you loose some damage compared to other Build'S , since no Spell Power) but that should be fine.

Also you got around 48% Block Chance for Melee.


- Armour/Evasion Gear.
- Everything with +Life and +%Elemental Resistances


- Daresso's Defiance Full Dragonscale
adds another 1000/800 to your defences.

Im also free for Ideas like the Hidden Potential Gem with only magic Items.


- Oak
- Kraitlyn or Passive Point
- Kraitlyn/Oak/Passive Point (Hardly depending on your Playstyle)

Passive Tree



Alternative Skill Tree's:

More Life & Armour/Evasion:

More Life & Projectile Damage:



EK Scion


Iron Will - Faster Casting - EK - Spell Echo - Added Fire Damage - Faster Projectiles

Blood Magic - Clarity - Enlighten

Hatred - HoI - Enlighten

CwDt - Immortal Call - Tempest Shield - Increased Duration

Flame Dash/Whirling Blades - Faster Casting/Faster Attacks -


Items of Interest:

- Alphas Howl
- Dagger/Wand (Spell Damage, Projectile Speed, Mana Regeneration , Mana, added X Damage to Spells, Cast Speed)
- High EV/AR Shield ( Life, Resistances)
- Jewels (Projectile damage, Spell Damage, Mana Regeneration, Max Mana, % Life, Physical Damage, Armour, Evasion, Physical Damage w. Shield, Spell Damage w. Shield, Cast Speed w. Shield, .... )

Skill Tree


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Any developments? I've been pondering some builds myself using Wild Strike
I will test it in tempest. level 31 atm.

Need to figure some level process out. since u have not a lot of damage before you go to atleast 4 L.

Probably use another skill till 60
updated current setup into thread
updated current passive Tree
interesting build
tested some wild strike, but not with coc
a vid would be appreciated
[2.0] Tempest

147% increased maximum Life




well thats just the % life.

The total life is way higher since u have like 65% Armour, 40% Evade, 40% Block, 75% Resistances + AA

Im not sure if i need more than 147%, there are also 3 open jewel sockets. for like nearly 30% more.

If u wanna go more life and less damage i think u could do something like that:


Updated with alternative Skill tree - 179% Life + Jewels = Roughly 200%
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