2.0 Crit Static Strike Aegis Block with high dps

Hello and welcome to my crit Static strike Aegis Aurora block guide. Have in mind that this is a work in progress and not completely finished yet.

1. Introduction
2. Pros and Cons
3. Gearing and Links
4. Example Gear
5. Current passive skill tree
6. Stats
7. Bandits
8. Thoughts and notes
9. Videos

I wanted to make a tanky build with high dps to be able to level to 100 in 2.0 and this is the result. I advise you to have at least a lvl 90 char and about 100 ex to start of with.

* Very tanky
* Good AOE dps, insane single target DPS
* High block, can reach max block with the correct jewels
* High spell block
* Can reach 5k hp and about 1200 energy shield with the correct jewels.
* High resists - 76/80/79

* Can’t run elemental reflect maps
* Weak against degens and explosions as they can’t be blocked
* Need a lvl 4 enlighten gem or spec into a reduced mana node/a +1 gem item and lvl 3 enlighten
* Fairly pricey.

Helm – Abyssus: Look for a high crit multi and low increased phys damage taken.

Chest – Lightning Coil: Great synergy with Abyssus. Preferably legacy.

Shield – Aegis Aurora: No brainer in this block build. Preferable legacy

Weapon – High phys dps with high crit. Sword or dagger. Most of the currency should be used on the weapon.

Belt – Rare rustic or leather belt. Important with a high WED roll. Best stats would be Life, WED and ES for prefixes and trires for suffixes.

Gloves – Rare ES gloves. These need high ES. BIS gloves would have life, es%, es flat for prefixes and pick 3 of accuracy, attack speed, X elemental res%, 2% block master crafted for suffixes.

Boots – Rainbowstrides. Look for high spell block% + high ES. Preferably corrupted with +1 frenzy charge.

Amulet – Stone of Lazwhar – Preferably corrupted with block%.

Rings – Life and WED are must have stats and at least one of the rings should have high accuracy. This is where you cover your resistances. Preferably with an open prefix for energy shield% master craft.

Helm: BRRG - tempest shield, blood magic, fortify, whirling blades

Chest: 5L: RRRRB – Static Strike, Blood magic, WED, Melee physical damage, Physical to Lightning

6L: Many options for the last link and more to personal preference, options include – Lightning penetration, Increased AOE, Concentrated effect, increased critical strikes for a blue socket and fortify, LGOH, Life leech for a red socket. I would have to say lightning penetration is probably the best gem, especially for lightning resist maps.

Weapon: I’m forced to use RGG here so I went for BM, Ice golem, vaal haste for now. If the ice golem keeps dying at higher levels I will switch to Increased duration, vaal haste, vaal grace.

Shield: GRR – Riposte, stun, endurance charge on melee stun. To generate endurance charges

Boots: RGBB – Reckoning, Poachers Mark, curse on hit, power charge on crit. To generate frenzy and power charges

Gloves: BBRG – Enlighten, Purity of Lightning, Herald of Ash, Grace


Current lvl 97 passive tree
Keep in mind that this is optimized for my current gear and level Passive skill tree build

with incr crit gem

with lightning pen gem

with incr crit gem and flasks and vaal haste

I forgot to level up my purity to 20 so thats why light res shows 78. Also tempest shield isnt up so block should be 70

Normal: Life or skill point
Cruel: Skill point
Merciless: Frenzy charge or skill point

Thoughts and notes
Abyssus has great synergy with lightning coil which again has synergy with purity of lightning and static strike. Able to achieve great defenses with close to max block, phys reduction with lightning coil, about 11k armor and endurance charges. Spell defense with 76/80/79 resists and spell block. Synergy with flasks and gear. With taste of hate and a lightning flask up we have 90 cold res and 89 lightning res together with 40% of phys damage taken as lightning damage and 30% of phys damage taken as cold damage. Dealing almost pure lightning damage with 79% lightning resist which makes reflect less of a threat. Lightning penetration is also a great multiplier gem with pure lightning damage. No need for leech as we have about 250 life regen per sec and rarely take damage, can rely on pots.

77 Shrine map with increased aoe gem

77 Volcano map with lightning penetration gem
hi i have question for tree where start ? pls or build passiv tree for 50 lvl 70 lvl pls
Im not sure you will be capped to block with this build. You might want to think about gearing for BOR. I myself have an aegis build that doesn't use BOR, but I start from the Templar tree, and replacing the 6% block I loose from BOR to get capped on block can be expensive.
Was also going to add that jewels that have the focus prefix can help with reflect maps, also you can get sibyl's lament for that too.
good gem links combinations

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