[2.0] Theorycrafting, prove me wrong pls 570k TT (1,3 mio true dps?? fixed)

Hey folks, I'm testing around with Ice Crash. So far it looks like this:

Fully Buffed we reach 570k Tooltip DPS! This is further increased by shocks (enemies take 50% increased damage), Assassins Mark (we have higher crit chance and crit mult not shown in the tooltip) and the mechanic of the skill itself (It's 100%+80%+60% damage within one attack and i think the tooltip is only showing the first 100%)

so here are my calculations:

first of all Assassins Mark:

The Formula for assassins mark is the following:
{(1 - cc - ccb) * avg_dmg + (cc + ccb) * avg_dmg * (1 + [(cm - 1)*(1 + cmb)])} * aps

ccb=critchancebonus from AM=9
cmb=critmultiplierbonus from Am=40
avg dmg=Average dmg per hit=
Lightning: 12599-25304 ergo 18951,5 avg
Cold: 17741-34071 ergo 25906 avg
Chaos: 5995-11679 ergo 8837 avg

summed up: 53694,5 average damage per hit

aps=Attacks per Second (1/Attacktime)=1/0,25=4

sooo back to the formula:

{(1 - 0,41 - 0,9) * 53694,5 + (0,41 + 0,9) * 53694,5 * (1 + [(6,23 - 1)*(1 + 0,40)])} * 4

(0,5*53694,5 + 0,5 * 53694,5 * 8,322) * 4
(26847,25 + 223422,8145) *4
1001080,258 Damage per Second!

Now we need to apply accuracy aswell. I have 85% chance to hit so i guess its just 1001080,258 Damage per Second * 0,85=850918,2193 DPS

Now the shock gets involved
Because of our huuuuge lightning damage and 50% overall crit chance to cursed enemies nearly everything that survives the first attack gets shocked. It says shock increased the incoming damage of the monster by 50%, means it doesnt count to our own % increased damage.
That should mean... 850918,2193 DPS * 1,5= 1276377,32895 damage per second

edit: if you wonder how i got to this: I runned Hatred, Herald of Thunder, taste of Hate, Atziris Promise, Ice Golem and Blood Rage at 4 power charges and 3 frenzy charges
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Ice Crash only hits once. The 80 and 60% only apply to mobs who are not directly in the center of the area you hit. Think of it like an ice nova that has less damage on the outer skirts of the area that has been hit.

Iam pretty sure that Crit and Crit multi are already taken into account at the tooltip DPS. So I guess the DPS is somehow correct, taken into account that you only hit one mob with 100%.

What surely is missing in the tooltip is
- lowered resistance (e.g. penetration from tree)
- curses
- shock
- additional damage on ignited/frozen targets from tree

So it can go a little higher. But on single target the dps will NEVER reach 3.6 million :)
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Thanks alot for the answer! critchance and critmult are indeed in the tooltip dps, but not in the avg damage per hit. I just split it up to include the effects of assassins mark.

So I'ld still be at 1,5 million dps without accounting the 2nd and 3rd wave

edit: oh darn I forgot about accuracy in my formula, will fix it
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Need to account for enemy res and the fact that you cannot sustain such high dps continuously for a long period of time.

I'd also like to see your build and gear.

I'm assuming dual doryani.
For try, for see, and for know.

This is a buff
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Uhm. The only thing that prevents me from sustaining this damage are flask charges running out. but i dont need to sustain it that long because things just die.

In the tree I took mainly life and phys/ele damage. Most important is Vaal Pact.
dual curse with Warlords Mark/Assassins Mark to sustain mana and 3 endurance charges and get more damage

But I dont suggest this to anyone, It's kinda risky. If you dont see a Ele Reflect Mob you just die instantly...else its fun to see bosses melt in a few hits. And if something doesnt kill you with one hit, it doesnt kill you because you leech back so fast
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