2.0 BM life regen/leech, please advise

Hi there, it's been a while since I played PoE and I want to come back when the game hits 2.0 with something easy to remind myself what it's all about (and the learn all the changes). Please help out a noob! :)

I want to start with with blood magic, resolute technique and unwavering stance with passives going into 2-handed weapons, endurance charges, life leech and regen (80 point tree, 145% life)

BTW - I see a lot of people skipping endurance charges - aren't they good anymore?

If I find at that stage that I've got poor DPS I could go into maces and stun

or if I'm weak I could go armour, resists and the fortify branch (although looks lacklustre for now)

or I could go for more life and regen there's some in the templar and scion areas:

I definitely won't be able to do all. I might respect out of endurance charges If my gear is okish.. not sure.

Skills are quite open with this build for now, at least until (and if) I decide to invest into maces, but it might go like that:

single target: Heavy strike/vigilant strike
AoE: ground slam/ice crush and vengeance
Endurance charges: immortal call, warriors mark
Support: Abyssal cry, molten shell
Auras: Herald of Ash and vitality, maybe Anger if survivability is ok
IGN: AlCohonez, GhengizCohen

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