Official Clan TEB Recruitment Thread (HC)

TEB (The Eternal Brotherhood)


-We are a hardcore only guild that focuses on whatever the current hardcore challenge/3 month league happens to be.

-We primarily speak English and most of our guild members are from North America, although we do allow Europeans to join

-In breach hardcore we finished with four seperate players reaching 100. I'm not sure if any hardcore guild finished with more than that amount of 100s. None of our members have tab fulls of demigods but we have quite an assortment of members who have won a demigod before.

-We are looking for experienced hardcore players who are going for 95-100, who have a hardcore character that is 90+ on their account and ideally regularly get lvl 90+

-Current status: We will be active for the launch of Breach hardcore (we have about 180 members members about 80%-90% should show up and play during the first week of legacy league, if I see guild members playing on softcore during that time I will kick them out of the guild)

After the league is 6-8 weeks old I dont mind ppl doing a bit of softcore, but we are first and foremost a hardcore guild and I prefer people who play hardcore only (logging on a dead character to test something is understandable)

Here is a bit about us for anyone who is interested:

We are a hardcore mode oriented guild. We solely play whatever the newest hardcore league happens to be. We aren't claiming to be the best but we are one of the most solid hc guilds out there.

Mostly age 20/30+ we are generally focused on doing end game maps, making alts for fun, doing races on occasion, and leveling up masters, farming lab, Atziri etc.. Most all of us have jobs and or families outside of POE so most of the guildies are solid players who play about 20 hours a week when they can, but we also have quite a few players who play a lot more than that.

We have a dedicated core group of members that has been together since Invasion. Several members including myself have been playing since the original closed beta. We have a decent sized guild with about 180 members and about 90% of those usually show up for any given new league. During prime-time we generally have 30-60 players on and sometimes many more. Getting enough people to fill a map group for exp or zana quest, or sharing daily quests is generally not a problem.

When we do team races we generally finish between the top 40-200 overall players (although although we have won some demigods). While we are looking for good players, there is no room for massive egos it is as much about attitude as skill or ability in our guild. It is about, being social (although if you prefer to mostly solo that is fine and lots of people do that) and having fun.

This is generally what we are looking for:

Help out - If you need a waypoint or a boss kill someone will usually help you out, you might have to wait a little but people are friendly and will help, and we ask that others be willing to do the same.

Be someone capable on your own - While generally people are helpful, if you ask for a boss kill before normal malachi that may not go over well with some members. It is generally ok to ask for a waypoint hook up.

Attitude - while we do encourage helping and sharing no one likes an entitlement minded person, I offer help and occasionally I ask kindly for help. If people are busy doing high map chains and cannot help it is not a personal insult, just hit up someone else, there are a lot of people in the guild and be patient. I don't believe anyone owes me anything and I appreciate others who have the same attitude :-)

Age - looking for players over age 18+ while there are some exceptions to this we are mostly an older group

socially minded - we use discord chat and if you have a mic or a headset that is a plus, however it is not mandatory, at a minimum for race type situations and the start of a new league or when first taking on very difficult maps it does help if you can at least log on mumble to listen even if you don't have a mic.

North America - we like Europeans and we even have a a few in the guild but for obvious reasons we are better suited for the North American players out there.

high level HC experience - If this is your first go in HC we are not really the guild for you, and if you tried it once before and died at 60 we also aren't the guild for you. If you regularly hit at least level 90 on hc or you regularly dominate some sort of key end game content like ubber lab, ubber atziri, shaper, guardians, something awesome hit us up..

*While not required I'm always looking for people with an interest in any Religion/Paranormal Activity/Philosophy/Physics or some out there subject. I am a Christian (there are plenty of people in the guild who are atheists and agnostics) and I enjoy socializing with other Christians who take showing the selfless love and kindness of Christ seriously, but I enjoy having philosophical conversations, be it about Christianity, Atheism, the New Age Movement, Physics, Sociology, whatever it may be, I enjoy people who have interesting thoughts to share and a measure of humility and consideration for others as they do it! But if all you care about is slaying zombies that is perfectly alright as well, just a little personal selfish plug here at the end!

If your interested just shoot me a private message (My account is TEBird and you can msg my character BirdyIII). I try to check my inbox every week. If you do message me, please pm me the name of one of your poe characters that I can invite to the guild if you are interested.

If you go inactive for a long time, and do not want to be kicked out let me know. if you were kicked out due to inactivity, and would like to come back in just shoot me a message.

Looking for more guild members for races/4 month hc leagues, pm for info
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Looking for more guild members for races/4 month hc leagues, pm for info
Looking for more guild members for races/4 month hc leagues, pm for info
We are still active and going in Tempest League and we are basically a tempest only guild, so if that sounds like you pm me here on the forums or message me in game at birdyII. (Do not reply here I don't check this thread that often).
Looking for more guild members for races/4 month hc leagues, pm for info
Hey Stormu here. I'm an officer of the guild, if birdy isn't around you guys can message me as well for an invite/info or w/e!

IGN- Kaepora, ImmortalStormu, FreezingStormu
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Looking for more guild members for races/4 month hc leagues, pm for info
Looking for more guild members for races/4 month hc leagues, pm for info
is this guild still active? i'd like to join a HC guild for the new league in march

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