TRICKSY HOBBITSES-Challenge/Race League- US, Eastern, English, All skill levels accepted


NOTE: We are playing mostly in Warbands right now and will not be moving to Tempest for a few weeks to a month. If you playing exclusively in Tempest, our guild may not be the guild for you. Thanks!

Tricksy Hobbitses is a small guild forged on the basis of encouraging, helping and having fun with each other. No experience level required, new and veteran players alike are welcome here. We are interested in having fun and learning together.
The guild leadership, Brest (Guild Leader), Lady Pitch (Senior Officer) and Ecocasaubon (Officer) are real life friends and while active and goal oriented, do not take the game overly serious.

Even though we plan on keeping the guild small:
We currently have 9 slots open.

If you are interested please read the guidelines in the bottom half of this post then follow these easy steps:

1. Sign up for a free account with the Enjin website
2. Fill out the application HERE (only visible to registered Enjin members) and allow us up to 3 days to review it.
3. Be available for an in game or Ventrilo interview
4. If accepted, show us how cool you are over a 30 day probation period
5. Be a full fledged Hobbit!


What you can expect from us, the guild leadership:

We will

1. be available to help players, new or otherwise.
2. be active in all Challenge Leagues, Race Leagues and Race Seasons, both on the Standard and Hardcore sides.
3. maintain a guild environment that promotes fun and helpfulness.
4. maintain the guild website
5. ensure a Ventrilo server is available for guild use
6. listen to the members in an effort to continue our growth
7. follow the same guidelines we expect from our members
8. remove anyone from the guild that is in opposition to our expectations (listed below)

What we expect from our members:

That you

1. are over the age of 21
***exception: players older than 18 but under 21 who are real life friends or family members of established members
2. speak English
3. are active weekly
***any member inactive for longer than 1 week without notice (through our guild forums) will be removed from the guild.
***exception: members who joined prior to July 1, 2015 as this rule was not active when they agreed to join
4. play on a US server
5. play on an Eastern timezone schedule
6. have a good sense of humor and can take some trolling, abrasive humor, crude language and friendly jabs
7. are respectful towards other guild members
8. will not engage in political or religious talk in the Guild Channel in game or on Vent. We are here to play a game together, these topics are best left to private conversations.
9. do not exclusively play Standard League (We are a Challenge League Guild)
10. are helpful by sharing both knowledge and gear
11. do not steal from the guild or its members
12. do not fight with, harass or trash talk the guild or its members
13. do not act like a jerk to players outside the guild and make us look bad
14. do not cheat
15. do not start, perpetuate or inflame drama

We look forward to hearing from you,
The Tricksy Hobbitses Leadership Team
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Our guild leader, Brest, will be out of the country for the first two weeks of 2.0 and the new Challenge Leagues.

I will continue to be the point person for interested applicants!

Thank you!

19 slots open.

18 slots open
The Hobbits have been having a blast both in Warbands and in the new Emberwake Race Season, join us we have room for more!
Sent in an application. Looking forward to hearing back from you guys.
Accepted Tanzfete.

17 open slots remaining!
16 slots currently open.
i have applied

Good luck happy hunting.
The guild is growing pretty fast and we are having a great time together.

14 slots remaining.

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