[2.0] DW Wild Strike Templar, THEORY

the tree

the main skill http://cb.poedb.tw/us/gem.php?n=Wild+Strike


wild strike + multistrike + loh + wed

leap slam + fortify + fast attack + endurance charge on stun

cwdt + ic + inc dur + warlords mark

ec (yes self cast) + inc dur + inc aoe + utility gem

from here it would need to test auras/vaals/utilities.

Some thoughts :

- double curse?

- use of frenzy charges? how to sustain them?

First issues im thinking of is mana sustain and ele reflect, if well geared I guess vs single targets would be ok, but not sure.


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How do you plan to hit stuff? You have no resule technique!

Not sure how Point Blank works with Wild Strike.
RT is taken in that tree.

Point blank theory is easy, if you read the skill at poedb says it works as projectile. Since we will be at melee range, "IF" all secondary effects of wild strike acts as projectiles it is a big buff for killing everything near the main target, and "IF" the main target is affected by those projectiles that would be a nice shotgun effect.

hmmm well... for mana sustain we could use claws combined with swords or dagger. Would be a big lost in therms of dps?

in that tree I removed the mace skill points and putted in the cluster between duelist/ranger


Last edited by Jinmutenno on Jul 9, 2015, 5:03:36 PM
Oh yeah, youre right I'm stupid I thought it got moved somewhere else in that patch.

I think you can get that mana sustain early, but later on it shouldnt be to hard to get a few percent on your equpiment.

I'm not really convinced of the usefulness of the elemental "triangle" on the left. I would probably go to "Dervish" instead. Think it does give more damage, as we have very little Phys dmg% yet, plus the block chance is really nice.

Other than that, looks very tanky, but not like it will deal a lot of damage.
I haven't tried it but I believe that only the ice proc is projectile based the others are chain for lighting and aoe for fire.
Wild strike is based on your physical dmg and therefor you need alot of it in tree. And nodes like Catalyse do no buff the 3 "spells", since it's a node for elemental damage ON weapons.

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