[TPG] Casual Multi-gaming Community Looking For Recruits! Betrayal League [Discord] [Eng] [USEAST]

Recruitment Status: OPEN (Betrayal(SC)/STANDARD)

We are looking for active, mature, fun loving players who will join us in Discord. We're playing Betrayal from the start!

A little about us:
Total Punishment Gaming, ]TPG[ has existed since early 2007. In the past few years we’ve seen much evolution, originating from the downfall of another clan and the successful startup of our own. As time has gone on, we’ve switched from a close-knit group of clan members to a full blown community that boasts over four hundred past/present members as well as several thousand regulars of varying activity levels.

We operate on a core structure of ideals. These ideals are:
o We value respect, honesty, equality, friendship, and camaraderie.
o We believe in a member ran clan where everyone has a say.
o We are committed to our community and develop, nurture, and maintain this gaming environment for their benefit.
o We play fairly and without exploit, with the goal to have fun.
o We believe that everyone has a voice and deserves a fair chance.

We are a social multi-gaming community that's looking to expand our brand of casual gaming further into Path of Exile. Our community plays a variety of games like League of Legends, Dota2, Diablo 3, CS:GO Comp, DayZ, Minecraft, TF2, ARMA3, ARK, and various others. Games are organized on our extremely active Discord and forums/website (totalpunishmentgaming.com). Currently members play Standard, softcore challenge leagues, and occasionally races. Some members are looking to expand into Hardcore modes for the upcoming leagues, though we are recruiting for all of these various leagues.

Membership Rules:
Members of our guild are REQUIRED to be active both in game and Discord. Guild members are expected to respect the guild stash tabs (i.e. leave the noob gear for new players). They will need to register on our website (totalpunishmentgaming.com) and post an introduction. Members will be respectful of other player's which includes their choices in how they use their gear, currency, and their choice to playhardcore/softcore. Membership in the POE guild does not represent member status in the TPG community but is the first step toward both.

www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/974595 Is our old guild thread

To apply hop into our Discord at https://discord.gg/MMgpvy9 or add me (JaiisButtPlugBuilder).
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Excellent community. Glad to be a part of what we do. :)
Been playing the game since Closed beta, started our branch into Path of Exile, especially once awakening hits we will have a lot of active members in the game, if you're looking for a good group to get into for the new leagues, come check us out.

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