looking for a good 2.0 starter character

Ive never done a ranger before and I really wanted to try one in the beta. I am a complete newb tho when it comes to anything besides witches and templars. Could anyone point me to a build that would be good from a fresh start? (if there is a guide thatd be amazing)
neversinks's guide to ts and tornado shot..or mathils tornado shot and puncture..all are good..just their build guide assuming u wanna do thm..and all are saying split arrow chain has been buffed..so u can look into that..
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If you're looking for a bow build, Split Arrow + Chain is bonkers right now.

If you're looking for a melee build, Reave has had several quality of life upgrades and I've seen people make Ice Crash work, though in my opinion Marauder and Templar are much better classes for it.

If you're looking for a pseudo spellcaster build and one good at MFing, Poison Arrow seems to be getting pretty popular.

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