1.3 Theorycraft Bloodmagic Evasion block Facebreaker Shield charge Marauder

Hello! I know with awakening coming out this is kinda useless but since we have some time left, I theory crafted a build for a facebreaker shield charge marauder.

I am currently leveling so I haven't tested this whole thing yet but here it goes. Feel free to post you idea's and opinions. :)

First off, you NEED these:

These are the only requirements for this build. I found mine for a chaos but the legacy ones are much better but also a bit more expensive.

Next, this is non crit because even though facebreaker's have crit multi on them, we don't have a crit chance because we do not have a weapon. And even if we get crit on the tree, that work's off your weapon crit chance which is 0.

Leveling up is annoying so to make it easier, here are a few uniques to help you out.
Leveling uniques:

These are great because you can use them at level 1 and they have some of the highest damage for this level. I'd recommend dual wielding these and using cleave. Of course these work for little around brutus or act 1 but not much after that since there's better options. These should only cost a couple of alts.

These I would recommend using on any leveling. Can be used at level one and starting out with 20% movement speed is awesome. Again, only a couple of alts. I've used these til I found a movement speed upgrade.

These are great for physical leveling. Life, chaos damage, and physical damage is always good. Couple of alts.

Life and fire res, what more do you need for level 1? Couple alts.

Level 1, six link, 0 draw backs, 0 positives. Worth it sort of...? I got mine for 20c but I usually see it around 1 ex.

This shield at level 8 is amazing. I got mine for a few alts but it might be in the chaos range. Can be used in for atmost through normal and cruel.

Physical damage, good amount of life, and cold res. Can be used at level 8 so it's good against merviel and even brutus.

Level 9, movement speed, decent evasion, and cold res. Again, can be used before merviel so you should have a good amount of survivability from this.

These are a few low level ones. There are more but it's open to opinion.

So, here are a few of the link's you can use.
Main skill:
Shield charge (main skill)
Melee physical damage (Multiplies your physical damage)
added fire (This is good because it's based off your physical damage)
melee splash (Need this for your main clear)
Blood magic (To use the skill yet keep mana for aura's)
added fire (This is good because it's based off your physical damage, BUT this is a 5th link. If you want to do this 4 link, you need to find another way to run blood magic yet keep mana for aura's.)
I would not recommend 5 linking this but you can if you choose to. Personally, if I wanted to 5-6-7 link it, I would recommend using Bringer of rain, but I am poor so I cannot afford one. A negative to using BoR is you don't use a chest plate. So you're losing some life and resistances which can be harmful since you're already using FaceBreaker's which don't have any life or resistance on them.

Auras setup:
Reduced mana (Needed to run both aura's and maybe a third)
Grace = 60% reserved mana (Since I'm evasion based. You can use determination if you're armor based. You want a defensive aura here because you can decide on a dps aura later on.)
Hatred = 60% reserved mana (MASSIVE damage up because it scales off your physical damage.)
Later on you have a few options. If you want to run lightning coil, you have to use Purity of lightning. IF you want more DPS, you have a couple of options. One I would recommend is Herald of ash since it works like hatred and works off of your total physical damage and also spreads your overkill damage outward which is VERY helpful. Haste might also be helpful for the movement speed and attack speed if you can get enough reduced reserved mana (If you do choose to run haste, grace and hatred, I would recommend using alpha's howl or it will be difficult to get enough reduced reserved mana.)

Cast when damage taken set-up:
Cast when damage taken (Of course. Level this as you feel needed)
Enduring cry (This give's elemental resistance and damage resistance. This get's better as you level your CwDT)
Warlord's mark (I recommend this for the life leech, and the chance to give more endurance charges.)
Now, you have a couple options here, I'd recommend Molten shell if you're using armor because it gives armor, and mitigates damage as well as bursts outward for some more damage. If not armor based like me, I'd recommend immortal call because you get initial endurance charges from enduring cry and if you kill warlord marked enemies, you get endurance charges from them AFTER the immortal call goes off to give you more defense.
Some other options is:
Devouring totems (This will eat corpses to give you some life as well semi-act's as a decoy totem to distract monsters.)
Ice wall (Push's away enemies and blocks projectiles.)
Temporal chains (This makes the enemy attack slower, essentially lowering their dps. Switch this out with warlord's mark if you think this would be a better alternative)
Enfeeble (Like Temporal chains, lower's their DPS. Again, switch this out with warlord's mark if you'd rather lower enemy than save yourself)
Decoy totem (Like devouring totem but doesn't heal you and gurantee's mob pulls. Useless health at lower level's but as you level your CwDT setup, it get's a lot better)

Single target setup:
Frenzy (This gives you Frenzy charges which is awesome and works with facebreaker's so very nice.)
MultiStrike (3 attacks super fast and later level's gains more DPS than loses.)
Blood magic (in order to use set up)
Melee physical damage (Again, scales physical damage well)
Added fire damage (Work's in tangent with the physical damage)
Faster attacks (Even more attacks!)
I would also use this setup while charging. Such as charging into a pack, using this once to get 3 charges then continue shield charging then repeat process.
If using BoR, take out melee phys and faster attacks and put this setup in there.

Some slot options to put in your shield are:
Enduring cry
Spell echo
This setup can be used before you engage packs to give you some extra survivability.

Lightning warp
Faster casting
Reduced duration
This can be used to move around but I am probably going to use shield charge as my movement.

Ice Nova/Some other spell of your choosing
Concentrated effect
This setup gives you a slight bit more clear but since you don't take enough spell/elemental damage/AoE nodes, I wouldn't recommend taking this option.

Immortal call
Increased duration
You can leave your other cast when damage taken setup at low level and level this one up high to guarantee you get multiple endurance charges before your immortal call goes off.

Concentrated effect
Added fire damage/ melee physical damage

Some other CwDT setup.

We covered a couple leveling items but here a few late game items that may help you

This gives a HIGH amount of flat damage which is very nice and is a decent armor helmet. The problem with uniques is you're already losing a glove slot and weapon so your resistances/life could be lower than intended.

High armor shield, life, and high block chance makes this a nice shield for level 70.

This gives some life and the nice thing about it is it turns some of your physical damage taken as lightning. This may sound pointless but you can get more resistance to elements than to physical damage. The only thing is you HAVE to run Purity of lightning with this.

Movement speed, all res, and some block chance applied to spell block which is nice.

Tri res helm and good for aura's because of the +1 to gems. I use this for when I'm only running 2 aura's and that setup would look like this;
Reduced mana
Empower (This gives our other aura's +1 level on top of the already +1 from the helm and if you level up the empower, it gives +2)

Also, I'd put BoR on this list but I don't have one. I also don't recommend it because you get rid of the chestplate but it might be better for your single target setup.

The tree is very important because it gives us nothing Kappa:
10 point:

20 point:

30 point:

40 point:

50 point:

60 point:

70 point:

80 point:

90 point:

100 point:

110 point:

120 point:

This might be MY optimum setup but to each their own:

Also, the bandits' you take are:
Oak (normal) +40 flat life
Oak (Cruel) 18% physical damage is VERY nice
Kill all for passive point. So, if you take this, you can only get 118 points at level 100. Which if you carry this build to level 100, you are a champ and deserve a high five ^_^

I hope you enjoy the build! I will be playing this and updating as I go along.
Things to add:
Current gear
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