[1.3] 75k dps, Triple Curse Super Tanky RF (Block, Vaal molten, Coil)

Still a work in progress

I have 2 RF setups. This one specializes in clearing maps relatively fast and safely at 75k dps while the other setup is a 110k dps variant for zooming through maps and apex farming etc.

I will 1st talk about the build for fast and safe farming!
There is a strong balance between survivability , clear speed and dps
This build is a RF build that does 74k dps using 3 curse on hit curses. There is no stopping to cast curses which terribly slows down the gameplay.

It has high damage mitigation, utilizing lightning coil, 6k armour, 48% block , 47% spell block and is able to achieve 15k armour 75/75 block and spell block with Rumi’s.
With just 5k hp you can tank palace dom’s smash like a boss!

Worried about spiky damage? There is a 17 seconds Vaal molten shell setup to leech back massive HP against spiky damage.

It also utilizes cwdt frost wall and an enfeeble + temporal chain tempest shield curse on hit setups to shutdown ranged mobs and prevent spiky damage.

TLDR: Almost immortal build that does 75k dps


Oak, Kill Kill

Gem setup

Helm: CWDT->Enduring Cry->Immortal Call-> Frost Wall
Chest: Cyclone->Blood Magic-> Curse on Hit -> Elemental Weakness-> Flammability-> Vulnerability
Gloves: Righteous Fire->Increased AOE->Concentrated Effect->Increased Burning Damage
Boots: Tempest Shield->Curse on Hit ->Enfeeble->Temporal Chains
Weapon: Reduced Mana->Vitality->Purity of Fire
Shield: Vaal Molten Shell->Life Leech-> Increased Duration


How is it different from traditional RF builds?

1.Damage Mitigation

Having high hp with no way to recover it immediately = pointless against spiky damage

There are a lot of RF builds on the forum and they mostly advocate stacking tons of HP and using life regeneration as a mean of damage mitigation.

Now let’s think about it for a moment. How much regeneration can you get? Perhaps at 7.5k hp and 13% life regeneration with 88% fire resist. You will end up with 1% life passive life regeneration and 11% life regeneration with ruby flasks. That’s…825 hp regen/ second.
(Assumption lv 20 purity with no aura nodes or inner force)

Without decent block, evasion and just relying on life and 825 hp/sec emergency regeneration there is no way a player can deal with heavy spike damage (both physical and spell). Stopping to cast EC/IC on every other pack just gimps the clear speed.

For a build without leech, it is important to utilize and layer game mechanics to dampen the damage spikes so that you can out regenerate or pot through the damage taken. This will eliminate all risk you face when mapping.

1.1 Lightning coil

40% damage converted to lightning is equivalent to a 30% reduction in all physical damage regardless of the magnitude(Assuming 75% lightning resist).
This is immense and an example of how much mitigation it provides is as such:
To obtain a 30% mitigation of a 7k physical hit , you will require 36k armour.

By scaling down the damage by 30% 1st your armour also becomes a lot more useful:
Against a 2000 damage rhoa charge. 6k armour will mitigate 20% of the damage or 400 damage
A combination of lightning coil and 6k armour will mitigate 47.6% of the damage or 953 damage.
You end up mitigating 2.8x more damage with coil
Well, coil has been around for some time and its benefits are well documented so I will stop here1!

1.2 Block and Spell block
Stone of Lazhwar, Rainbowstride
Just utilizing lightning coil and armour alone is not enough for a build without reliable leech hence there is a need to layer another defensive mechanic on top of that.

With my passive tree setup and gear I am able to obtain 48% block, 47% spell block and 75/75 with a Rumi’s

1.3 17 seconds Vaal molten shell

Vaal molten shell increased duration  life leech

One of the main weakness of RF builds is that the damage is dealt in melee range which puts the player in the danger zone. Without reliable leech to top up the player, the damage taken will overwhelm the puny life regeneration and kill the player. This happens mostly against bosses like the trio in apex, Atziri and palace dom or any maps with rip mods or hc mods.

Vaal molten shell provides a means to deal heavy damage to the bosses to breeze through hard content and also provides a means to leech back life to deal with spike damage . It synergizes with your fire damage nodes and elemental damage bonus and is further scaled by RF to deal about 8000 base dmg at lv 17. This build uses curse on hit flammability and elemental weakness as well as elemental equilibrium to reduce the mob’s fire resistance by ((39+47)*1.06+50) =141.

Note: I have quality curse on hit and elemental weakness as well as a curse effectiveness node.

Damage dealt when hit = 2.41*8000= 19280
With 9.8% leech from a doryani and the life leech gem you will end up leeching for 1889.44 hp /sec (capped by life leech rate)

With the additional leech on top of your life regeneration , seething pots and other dmg mitigation mechanics like block/spell block, coil and armour. You will be able to tank almost anything safely.

1.4 CWDT setup

CWDT->Enduring cry-> Immortal call->Frost wall
This setup combines a traditional EC IC setup with frost wall.

Dealing with ranged mobs(Avian Retches) is a large weakness of RF builds because of its limited range/radius. Having a frost wall setup will wall off the ranged mobs to prevent spiky damage.

1.5 Tempest shield curse on hit

Tempest shield->curse on hit->enfeeble->temporal chain
Tempest shield is used here to not only provide the 4% extra block and spell block but also utilizes a curse on hit setup for extra safety. This works especially well against range phy/spell mobs. It combines with the cwdt frost wall setup to totally shut down any ranged mobs before we reach them.

2. Damage supported by triple curses with curse effectiveness and movement speed

2.1 Damage Calculation
While it is true that more effective hp increases the base damage of RF. The base damage you obtain is quite pathetic.
It is essentially (Hp+ES)/2

What really scales the damage of RF are the 3 curses: Elemental weakness , Flammibility and Vulnerability.
A lot of people have overlooked Vulnerability in their curse setup and it is pretty shocking. A quick look up on the vulnerability feedback thread shows a dev explaining that vulnerability scales the total damage by a modifier because the mod is applied from the side of the monster!

I will now go through my damage calculations

Base damage= 2694.5

Increased in elemental damage = 115% (Doryani catalyst)
Increased in Burning Damage = Increased Burning Gem +Holy Fire passive cluster=75+59= 134 %
Increased in Fire Damage= Passive + gear(rings/amulet prefix)= 111+12=123%
Concentrated effect= 69% more damage!

Damage = base damage * (Increased in elemental damage + Increased in Burning Damage+ Increased in Fire Damage )* Concentrated effect
=2694.58*(1+1.15+1.34+1.23)*1.69 =21494.13
Now we apply the curses and elemental equilibrium
A 20 quality Curse on Hit provides 10% curse effectiveness while we have an additional 6% from the passive tree 10+6=16%

Elemental Weakness 20/20= -47% resists *1.16 =54.52
Flammability 20 = -39% resists = 45.24
Elemental Equilibrium = -50 resists

Total resists mitigated = 149.76

Vulnerability = 33% increased damage over time *1.16 =38.28

WITHOUT vulnerability
21494.13 *(2.4976) = 53683.74 dps !

WITH vulnerability

53683.74* 1.3828 = 74233. 88 dps

Here we can see the importance of vulnerability and curse effectiveness. It should be noted that bosses have -60% curse effectiveness and to combat this I have another RF build variant that takes all curse effectiveness nodes.

2.2 Movement Speed

At a certain point in time you will realize that 75k dps is enough to melt away packs and even rares by just cycloning through them and your clear speed is bottlenecked by your movement speed and as such it is important to stack some movement speed. I have done this through the usage of devoto’s and Art of the Gladiator key passive which eliminates movement speed penalty by body armour and shield(+7%)

More to come D:

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great build!

would you profit from a 4th curse if you use soul taker as a wapon? (drop blood magic for another curse)

hitreza wrote:
great build!

would you profit from a 4th curse if you use soul taker as a wapon? (drop blood magic for another curse)


I would say it isn't worth it to drop the Doryani because you will lose a significant amount of dps (115% increased elemental damage).
To maintain 4 curses you also have to drop either Rainbowstride or one of the rare rings :o

Ultimately, the only curses which help increases your dps are the 3 I am using. You can have defensive curses setup too like I have with enfeeble and temporal chain with tempest shield and they will be replaced by your 3 offensive curses when you hit the mobs.

When it comes to defensive curses like Temporal chains, they would also generally work better in a CWDT setup too as curse on hit only applied to a single target. For example in my high dps RF setup, I have

level 1 cwdt-> level 1 Ice Nova -> level 20 Curse on hit -> lv 20 Enfeeble

Future Plans

In the upcoming Awakening Expansion, the cost of a level one cyclone has been halved from 24 mana to 12 mana! I plan to replace blood magic with Fortify which only has a 110% mana multiplier.

We should have enough base mana regen to sustain it and it will make this build even more tanky !

To check exactly how tanky you can use this dmg mitigation calculator!
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1. Can this build kill atziri?

2. What do you do with curse immune mobs or maps?

3. How do you handle reflect damage?
hitreza wrote:
1. Can this build kill atziri?

2. What do you do with curse immune mobs or maps?

3. How do you handle reflect damage?

Yes. This build can definitely kill atziri. I have over 100 atziri kills using this build in Torment but a few things should be noted. Because of curse reflection you will have to overcap fire resistance by over 90(88+90=178 fire resistance). This can be challenging because of lightning coil. You can swap to a belly since physical damage isn't a huge problem in apex.

(Note:When I was gearing up in torment, I used a 5L setup with 2 curses and a corrupted vulnerability on hit glove to apply 3 curses. The Damage over time bonus of Vulnerability isn't affected by gem level! )

While this build can kill atziri it is optimized for super safe mapping (so that I can grind to 100 without dying). Block nodes and the such aren't really useful in apex where burst dps is more important.

I would also recommend dropping the Mind Barrier spell block cluster for the Blast Radius aoe cluster to better deal with the minion phase during the Atziri fight

I have a dps variant that can run apex in 4 minutes! If you are interested I can set up another thread to describe it.

Dps should still be decent without curses . Remember you can still apply Elemental equilibrium ! That will give you about 30k dps. That's more than enough to kill the occasional curse immune mobs. I favour clear speed though so I generally roll over curse immune maps

There is no elemental reflect damage :D that is the beauty of RF and the physical reflect from your 300 dps cyclone is negligible .

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Thanks for the great answers.
We would love to see the DPS Version! Please share :)
Some game play would be nice to see :)
im not sure if spell dmg or elemental dmg increase the burn dmg, i think that only "increase fire dmg" can increase it, so ur doy wep isnt usefull. i might be wrong
hi, could you post an update on the passives? it doesn't work anymore with the awakening. thanks! :D
i also hope we see a update ! :)

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