[1.3] Guide Dual Wield Wand/Sword Switcharoo

Making this guide because I couldn't find much info on the build when I started to put it together.
This build is still a work in progress and it's only really tested in the 1msc flashback league.

It's a phys wander build that skips a lot of good phys wander nodes in favor of phys dual wield nodes in the hopes that the single target from double strike will make up for the loss in aoe clear speed.

If your looking for a pure aoe clear speed build this is not your build but if you want to play a wander that has an easy time doing boss runs like piety / vaal and possibly atziri (only with insane gear) then this build could be for you.

One of my goals for this build was it had to work from a fresh start fairly well meaning it had to be easy to level with self found gear. I found that leveling up was a bit harder then I expected but as having leveled a phys wander before it was a lot less painful then normal in some regards.

The kinetic blast and double strike dps are lower then what they would be if you spec into just one of them as I get a few nodes like 3 that mostly only apply to double strike. On top of that dual wield nodes are decent but they are nothing really amazing in general compared to wand / melee nodes.

The aoe clear so far has been good enough to clear most trash mobs and the single target is good enough to farm merc vaal fairly fast. I'v had a double strike dual wielder that cleared it faster and I'v had phys wanders that had better aoe clear but neither did both well.

Passive Tree
Level 80ish


You'll need str / int nodes / gear if you don't have

I take a lot of resist nodes from the tree but you can drop some if your gear allows for it.

I try to be over capped by a good bit but it's pretty hard to get all the resist you need and chaos resist so you might have to skimp on that.


Jewelry main focus is resist / life
Gloves / Boots you need resist / life again but trying to squeeze in some chaos resist is ideal

For the melee weapon you want the fastest highest phys dps you can get.

For wands you want highest phys dps and to keep the cost of the build down I go with one high damage slow wand and one faster one to take advantage of dual wielding attack speed mechanics.


We run kb in a 4L our main focus is double strike for single target.
Feel free to switch it around you'll just be trading single target for aoe.

Kinetic blast - KB > GMP > Phys Projectile > Added Fire - FasterAttacks/Critdmg/Wed

Double strike - DS > Multistrike > Melee Phys > Faster Attacks / Added fire - Wed/MeleeFull/CritDmg

Aura's Hatred / Herald Ash / Purity of Lightning

I'm currently thinking about changing purity of lightning for herald of thunder and droping some aura nodes.


Reached 80 and got my 5L coil my double strike dps is now sitting at 36k.
I forgot to switch out my added fire for melee phys in the current screenshot.

First trial run of atziri was a pretty big fail (trio recked me) think I'll need a 6link to have enough dps and I'm not sure my defense will ever be good enough while dual wielding. I might try again at level 85 but meh as of now I'm gonna say it's not really worth it on this build to run atziri. I also am pretty sure it'll be hard to get enough life to tank a flameblast so even if I get to atziri I'm going to have to rely on phaze acro too much.

I'v come up with a build that uses shields that I think might have a better time vs atziri so I might give that a test run soonish. I pick up some dagger nodes and I get the op op wander nodes but I'm not 100% sold on it's dps output. I have to get a lot of generic phys nodes like in the shadow and duelist area. I'm not sure if I'll do this till act4 comes out and I'm not sure I'll make a thread just for it either but I'll update this with at least a passive tree when I do test it.

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