<PÔKEMÉ> Old School (eu) recruiting --ACTIVE--EXP--MATURE-- players!


About Us:

Hi all,

We are a guild full with mature friendly dedicated players that been playing the game for many years.
The Guild been created in 2015 and at one point we had over 80 vry dedicated players but over the years myself and some of the people that where managing the guild took a long break from the game and all of us are back together ready for the metamorph league and we decided to get back in recruiting to have some more activity going inside the guild.

Our goal is to get around 50 dedicated members. (We wanne keep the community tight)
That can farm end game content together.
We mainly focus playing SC leagues.

What we expect from our members:

  • As long as you have the name "Old School" above your head I expect you to be kind and polite to people (in and outside of the Guild).
  • We require that you speak basic English as a minimum.
  • That you have some knowledge of the game.
  • That you are able to do lvl 75+ maps.
  • Your main character must be at least level 85 as a minimum requirement.
  • To be active at least some hours each day, if you are away for any such reason, then please contact me, Cerathi or the officers.
  • Enjoy yourself and show respect to other members.
  • European players are preferable to avoid time differences but you could still always apply if you think that you will be online during European time.
  • Guild chat is there for a reason we expect you to use it!
  • Login weekly on Path of Exile forum for activity check!
  • Discord is a must (Details b given once joined)
  • Dont beg for items

For more info

Add me in game:
IGN: injectionx


IGN: Cerathi

Or one of the officers:

IGN: EisaiPalikari
IGN: Zafis

Kind regards

Big Thanks for the following people that donated to the guild :

- Hrimgard
- ZrxLvr
- Z4bk4
- Lordplenty
- Casper3111
- CilitGangBang
- Traemand
- iceworld88
- EisaiPalikari
- NeoXodia
- z4nder
- ChristianoManu

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up we go
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