Closed Beta FAQ for Path of Exile: The Awakening

When does the Closed Beta start?

The Closed Beta starts at 3pm (Pacific Time) on Monday, April 20. This is 11pm Central European time and 10am Tuesday in the New Zealand timezone. This is also the time that players will start being selected for entry.

How long will the Closed Beta last?

We expect the Beta to last approximately 6-8 weeks. It could end earlier if all the testing is complete, or it could take longer if additional problems are found. We aren't committing to a specific release date at this time.

How do I sign up for the Closed Beta?

Visit the Beta Signup Page and click "Sign Up For Beta Now". If you're not logged in, you'll need to log into your Path of Exile account. If you don't have one, now's an ideal time to make one. Once you're signed up, it'll say "Signed Up" on the button.

Note that being signed up doesn't mean that you've already been given Beta access. It means you're in the pool of people that we're selecting from.

How are accounts selected? How often are people added?

Rather than adding people in infrequent waves, we will be adding people steadily using the infamous Beta Key Timer (see "Torture Devices Through the Ages") that everyone enjoyed so much in 2011. Every five minutes, the timer will select a new account from the signed up pool and will grant it access to the Beta.

We will speed up the timer over the course of the Beta as necessary to ramp up the population of testers.

How do I know when I'm selected? How can I download the Closed Beta?

Once you're selected, you'll receive an email and a PM on the site. The "Signed Up" button on the Beta signup page will change to "Download Now".

Is the Closed Beta a separate game client?

Yes. You log in with the same account and password though.

I'm a Steam user. How do I play?

We're still working out the details of this. We'll update this post once we know how it works.

Why run a Closed Beta? Why not let everyone in?

We need the ability to get fresh impressions, clean feedback and data from sets of users who haven't yet played The Awakening. By staggering entry into the Closed Beta, we can ensure that there are always new users who we can get good data from. That way we have fewer users when we need early general impressions and more users when we need detailed balance feedback.

Controlling the population of the Closed Beta allows us to test various systems in a precise way. In addition, the Beta content is likely to be incomplete and buggy. We'd rather have most people join it later when it's closer to release.

Are certain accounts more likely than others to get in? I've played PoE for 3000 hours.

All accounts have an equal chance of being selected. It's important that we get a mix of new players and veterans. Their feedback and data is equally useful.

Can I sign up with multiple accounts to increase my chances of getting in?

No. Additional accounts will not be eligible. People trying to game the system will be removed. It's fine for multiple people in the same household to sign up as long as they are different people and have only one account each.

Can I share my Closed Beta account with other people?

No. We will remove Beta access from accounts that are shared.

Can you give me a Closed Beta Key?

No. Please stop mailing us asking this :-)

I'm a popular Streamer. Can I get access?

Possibly. Our community manager Bex will reach out to some streamers over time and will invite them into the Beta. If you have a lot of channel views (more than a million) then get in touch with her.

I'm an existing Alpha tester. Do I get in automatically?

Yes. All current and past Alpha testers will be given access on day one, unless they were removed from the Alpha for breaking its rules.

Will any sites be running Closed Beta Key giveaways?

We're likely to provide a limited number of Closed Beta Keys to various news sites and fan sites to give away to readers. The number of keys available in these giveaways will be low in the early stages of the Beta and higher in the later stages.

What content is included in the Closed Beta? What content is reserved for the final release?

We're initially including about two thirds of Act Four (the content shown at The Awakening's announcement). The remaining third will be enabled once it's ready for testing. Some Skill Gems will not be included in the initial release and will be enabled once they are ready.

Many of the new Unique Items will not drop in the Beta. The new challenge leagues will not be enabled in the Beta.

Will desync be fixed during the Closed Beta?

Probably. Our new Deterministic Lockstep Mode will not be available on the first day, but we expect to add it within the first few weeks of the Beta. We're very interested in feedback related to this mode.

You mentioned that you were hoping to release European languages alongside The Awakening. Will these be in the Closed Beta?

They're taking longer than expected and will probably be ready later this year. They're not included in the Closed Beta.

How frequently will the Closed Beta be updated?

We will make frequent and far-reaching changes to the Beta. The frequency of updates may slow down as the Beta progresses and problems are resolved. The final version of the Beta may not fully reflect the version that is launched at release (as mentioned above, we're reserving some content for release).

Can I copy my character across to the Closed Beta?

No. The purpose of the Beta is to test character progression in The Awakening.

It's possible that towards the end of the Beta we'll copy characters onto the realm for some specific reasons (PvP testing, etc), but this will be rare. Please do not ask us to have your character copied to the Beta realm.

Will there be character wipes during the Closed Beta?

Yes. We're expecting to make drastic balance changes during the Beta and will wipe characters and items from time to time. The data we record about player progression will be very useful. As the Beta gets older, the time between wipes will probably be longer. Don't get attached to your Beta characters!

Will Closed Beta characters be imported back into the main game afterwards?

No. At the end of the Closed Beta, all characters and items on that realm will be destroyed. There will be no permanent gameplay advantage associated with access to the beta other than the knowledge you gain by playing.

Can I access my microtransactions in the Closed Beta? What about my Stash Tabs?

On the Closed Beta realm, you will not have access to your microtransactions but any Stash Tabs you have purchased on the main realm will be available. You will not be able to purchase microtransactions or Stash Tabs on this realm.

Are there cheats on the Beta so that I can level up quickly and test more content? Can I respec more easily?

No. We need data from legitimate playthroughs. Respeccing is no easier than it is on the current live servers. However, frequent updates to the Passive Skill Tree are likely to involve forced respecs you can take advantage of.

Will there be forums available to Closed Beta members for feedback and trading?


Will my friends list be available in the Closed Beta? What about my guild?

Your in-game friends list will be available. You won't be able to see or message people playing on the live Path of Exile realm from the Beta. Guilds are separate, so if you want one in the Beta, you need to create it again.

Is the Closed Beta covered by an NDA? Can I tell people about what I see in the Closed Beta?

There is no NDA. You are free to discuss your experiences and impressions of the Beta with other people. Due to the size of the beta, confidentiality would be practically unenforceable.

Can I stream the Closed Beta? Can I post videos and screenshots of it online? Can I monetise these?


What's happening on the main Path of Exile realm while the Beta is running? Can we earn Closed Beta Keys there somehow?

The one-month Torment/Bloodlines leagues overlap with the first week of the Closed Beta. Afterwards, we're considering running low-key events on the live realm that may grant Closed Beta Keys to the winners. There's still a lot of ongoing discussion about this.
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All current and past Alpha testers will be given access on day one

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