[1.3.x] The Grillmaster [WIP]

The Grillmaster, ZOMFGBBQ!!

As the title suggest, this is work in progress. Im having lots of fun with it tough, so i tough why not share & enjoy =) As always, any constructive criticism and/or suggestions is very welcome

Having played caster, bow, wander and even some CI Reave build/s lately I felt the need for a change of pace. I had this high DHP (Marohi Erqi) two hand mace in my inv, and it seemed to be begging to be the centerpiece of some slow, hard hitter build.

The initial idea was to use Heavy Strike for a high overkill hit that would then proc a proliferated Ignite via Herald of Ash. While this certainly worked, it was sorta meh, so i started thinking about ways to spice it up. The result of that is ”The Grillmaster”, a build utilizing proliferated Herald of Ash, but replacing Heavy Strike with Melee Spash'd Infernal Blow and Curse on Hit Leap Slam doubles as both utility and mobility.

The result is surprisingly effective, when it works right. Leap Slam right into a pack, this curse most of them with vulnerability and also takes a fair chunk out of most normal mobs. Now whack one of them once or twice, most will explode due to the splash'd IB, the rest will burn to cinder from the proliferated HoA (butcher and bbq, thus the grillmaster xD).

The clear-speed is exceeding what i expected, but threes some issues to resolve still. Mainly single-target (boss-class) is severely lacking atm. Im trying a multistrike hs here atm, but it supports need more levels before i can pass a just verdict, sofar tough its not really doing it. Another current issue is mitigation, but i expects that to pan out once i get some more armor on gear & armor nodes in there.

Gem Setup

in Marohi Erqi:
Herald of Ash + Elemental Proliferation + Increased Burning damage + Reduced Mana [ + Increased duration + Conc. Effect or Hatred, if your mana can fit it]
If you do not have a Erqi, an increased AOE gem for 5'th would work well.

In chest:
Infernal Blow + Melee Splash + WED + Added Fire [ + Melee physical + Fire Pen.]

Leap Slam + Curse on Hit + Vulnerability + Endurance Charge On Stun or Faster Attacks
CwDT + Enduring Cry + Inc. Duration + Immortal call
Heavy Strike + Multistrike + Faster Attack + Life Leech

Still Tree
This part is rather messy at the moment, i expect to respec parts and perhaps even re-roll. The main idea is endurance charges, life, armor and two-hand/mace damage. Im uncertain if to go for life regen or vaal pact atm. The latter could certainly help the single target situation.. but no regen kinda sucks.

The current mess

Game play
This part is wonderfully simple, Leap Slam, Infernal blow until things go boom, repeat. For this too be effective, you need enough damage to make one LS + one IB 'splode your average mob. Once you do tough, the clear speed is quite good, and only gets better the bigger the packs are.

Item notes
There no really required item, you will need a high damage two hander and some decent armor/life/resist, but that's easy enough to get.

The Marohi Erqi is a nice piece tough, while there's rares with far more damage, the possibility of a 7-link is quite good. The drawback of it, slow speed and -ar don't matter to us, this build revolves around heavy rather than fast hits and uses RT, so ar is a non-issue.

If you manage to fit the Hatred aura in, the Pyre ring could be usefull due to its damage convert and burn damage increase.

Three dragons could possibly be used for a shock chance, but we only get ~20% per pack (10% per hit, 2 hits per pack) and no crits, so i doubt its worth it.

Issues & solutions
Sub-par defenses when endurance charges are down. TBA
Bad singletraget damage. TBA

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