[1.3] [HC] Cyclone - Soul Taker - Aegis - Rime Gaze - Kaom's -> check it out :^)

Hey guys,

I was struggling a lot recently with my Cyclone build because of the changes that were made to block and life nodes. I was really working hard on the perfect tree for casual mapping and atziri runs. Shout-out to Broccolini at this point, he basically came up with the Rime Gaze idea. In the end you probably lose like 5k dps or something around that since you basically drop out a faster attacks gem. Anyway, not gonna talk too much, since it's still a very simple build so I'll leave the most important data below.

click here

Not 100% perfect, but it's really effect already. You play around with the Hatchet master damage node, but most of it is just core.


As you can see I'm running a double CWDT-setup. I just build up stacks on a lowish one and it actually activates on bigger hits or when damage has stacked up. It's really effective and you should defintately use it like that. The remaining setups should be very obvious I hope. :^)

Tooltip DPS

Misc stats

I can also upload an atziri run on request. So if anyone wants that let me know. If there's any questions feel free to just ask them. :^)

Regards and stay safe guys!

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