EU02-82-TOBL 3v3 CTF

The queue for this tournament can be found in the "Events" tab of the "Events and PvP" panel. This can be accessed in-game through the menu button, or by pressing B (by default). You must queue for this tournament in order to participate in it. You cannot join this tournament late, as the number of rounds is determined by the number of players.

You must be on the following leagues/gateway to participate in this tournament:

Leagues: Torment or Bloodlines
Gateway: Europe

PvP-only characters can be used for this tournament.
Instructions on how to create preconstructed PvP-only characters can be found here.

This is a low-level event. It is restricted to level 28 characters who have not yet completed Normal difficulty.

You must queue as a party of 3 players for this event. All party members must be in the same game instance while queuing.

This is a Capture the Flag event
Capture the Flag events require you to work as a team to capture the other team’s flag and to bring it to your own flag. More information on how this format works can be found in the PvP rules.

Each flag capture is worth 3 points.
Each match drawn is worth 1 point.

The top 20 players by points will receive:
  • #1 Overall: Talisman of the Victor (Unique Jet Amulet) and 10 Reward Points.
  • #2 Overall: 6 Reward Points.
  • #3 Overall: 5 Reward Points.
  • #4 Overall: 4 Reward Points.
  • #5 Overall: 3 Reward Points.
  • #6-10 Overall: 2 Reward Points.
  • #11-20 Overall: 1 Reward Point.

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IGN: @GreenDude
Dan_GGG wrote:

Each flag capture is worth 3 points.

I am fairly sure that's incorrect.
RIP Solstice
we didn't get a 4th game?
Looks like greendude's team and a bunch of others didnt get a 4th game either.

timestamp 58 min 20 seconds if the link doesnt work for you
8/8 Overachiever
Last edited by HegemonyTV on Mar 7, 2015, 2:04:38 PM
also it looks by the ranking that our team was intended to play Hege's but we already played them before . and usually in swiss u dont play the same team twice so this was weird
IGN: @GreenDude
now that its over, it says we played 4 and had a loss how is this possible if we were to get a bye round?

iirc if we did get the bye round
we should be at 9 points not 6
8/8 Overachiever
Last edited by HegemonyTV on Mar 7, 2015, 2:18:15 PM

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