[1.3.1] ♦ Physical Core Build ♦ Hegemony's Era ♦

Hi all! Welcome to my build guide about a Ranger who utilizes Hegemony's Era unique staff to such extent it trivializes majority of mapping content with smart plays, timings and perception.

This build is all about fun character and is not for newcomers. You need a good knowledge of the game and you must know what to expect with certain encounters. It is also mediocre costly, so you will require some currency to start with. Most expensive will be the weapon, rest is obtainable easier, especially if you trade with other players (use some 3rd party software like Procurement if you are not comfortable trading on the chat, or you do not have much spare time).

This is my first build guide ever, so I will try to be as useful as possible and I will try to explain everything to the tiniest detail possible.

I have played Path of Exile for few years already and have a good general knowledge about the game, and I am confident I can give some tips and tricks to newcomers and to ones who have questions (as I already have each league). I am not saying I have done every content in the game, Atziri is still a mystery to me as I have no intent nor wish to finish Apex of Sacrifice or Alluring Abyss.

I have mainly played Hardcore leagues for these past years, on few accounts even. Since I am a kind of person who likes to play what I want to play, I have usually made my own builds and ideas.

My first character in PoE was a Templar wielding a staff as a main source of damage, so I am an old lover of this type of gameplay. User HegemonyTV has created a unique staff called Hegemony's Era, and has made a build guide for his weapon idea. As a result, I have fell in love with it and I have tried it myself in the latest Bloodline League.

I wanna thank all the players and HegemonyTV for supporting Path of Exile and its community, for creating such quality content and giving us the pleasure to enjoy this complicated and satisfying game.

I have no wish to take any credit for creation of any unique items or ideas in this build.

I will start the build guide bluntly. This one is not for the faint hearted, or ones who want to automate their gameplay. Play style of this characters is fast, for quick fingers and exceptional perception. You have to keep an eye on a great number of things on the screen. This is not one of the fastest clearing builds in the game, but it is one of the most damaging ones.

As you are aware, melee characters in Path of Exile are kind of lacking compared to their ranged counterparts. It is not always true, but to be on par as a close-quarters character you have to have a certain parts of your gear ready for the tests to come. From Gems to Stats, you are bound to realize sooner or later you need much better gear than a common archer or mage archetype, especially for a two handed wielder.

To prove my point I will state the following items you need to play this character effectively:
Hegemony's Era
Immortal Call 20Q (or more)
Increased Duration 20Q (or more)
Endgame Belt (successfully corrupted +1 Endurance Charge) is a massive boost!

These things are all taken with a grain of salt, so you have some flexibility and you are able to equip Gems that are of a less quality, but you get the big picture.

I have spent my leveling days with Geofri's Baptism and Rigvald's Charge uniques. Both are cheap two handed weapons and work excellent with LMP Spectral Throw for leveling purposes. If you need some help it's always option to party up as you will see, the main idea in the leveling process is to travel the tree and gather all the HP nodes as soon as possible. I have entered Merciless with almost 3500HP and have gained around 1000 up to Lv85 just from some mediocre items and HP per level gained.

After those HP gained it's time to equip the Immortal Call and Increased Duration for leveling purposes. Now you will invest into Skill Duration nodes and further amplify your immortality! After the job is done, it's time to travel little further for some insane critical nodes for staves only! These nodes are one of the best in the tree and you will feel their effect immediately.

Do not be scared of putting points to HP in the Scion wheel while leveling, it's yours to take! You have to understand you are given respec points for a reason. Take more HP, accuracy, damage, even INT or DEX nodes if you feel the need. You can always go and do the side quests for the respec points.

Normal - Skill Point
Cruel - Skill Point
Merciless - Oak (Endurance Charge)


Skill Tree


Chest or Weapon
Sweep - Melee Physical Damage - Multistrike - Power Charge on Crit - Faster Attacks - Increased Area of Effect

Weapon or Chest
Heavy Strike - Melee Physical Damage - Multistrike - Increased Critical Strikes - Melee Damage on Full Life - Faster Attacks

Enduring Cry - Spell Echo - Leap Slam - Faster Attacks

Reduced Mana - Herald of Ash - Hatred - Grace

Immortal Call - Warlord's Mark - Enhance - Increased Duration

The idea is to (like few perma-Immortal Call builds before) cast Immortall Call as often as you can. It is not a perfect form of physical mitigation, as it has few but great weaknesses. You are require to use skill Enduring Cry as often as it comes off cooldown to keep your Endurance Charges up for the next cast of Immortal Call. This is one of its great weaknesses, it is not all dandy when it comes to having to cast Enduring Cry every few seconds, while having to dish out good damage.

Be very wary, physical reflect with low (or theoretically zero) armour is the bane of your existence. You have to be very careful about the stats the mobs, or map has. As you are wielding a powerful and hard hitting two handed weapon, without a shield you will have practically negligible amount of armour require to mitigate the reflected damage. With a critical hit you will probably kill yourself (on one monster).

Also be very careful around rares, they can have Reflect Physical Damage Aura, or can have the Nemesis mod Nullifier. I am still not sure does the Nullifier remove Immortal Call, but he definetly removes your Endurance Charges and that can mean much trouble for you.

Ideas behind Carcass Jack and Abyssus are as follows; Carcass Jack increases the radius of your Enduring Cry, plus giving some damage to you Sweep as well. Abyssus is an amazing item for those who are willing to risk its negative. It is a common knowledge it can eventually give more than double your total damage, especially if are a going for a critical strike build such as this. Since your main focus will be to be physically immune to all sources of damage, the negative of the unique helmet will be mitigated.

Tooltips and Sheets

Heavy Strike


Mind you, these are numbers with max of 5 Power Charges. 6 Power Charges are obtainable by corrupting the Hegemony's Era staff but that would be something you can only dream about.

Pros and Cons

♦ Insane single target damage
♦ Good clear speed
♦ Satisfying gameplay
♦ Fun!
♦ You are Oak!

♦ Getting used to "permanent" Immortal Call
♦ Hardcore viable but more demanding
♦ Needs good perception of the game
♦ Must manage your preferred potions
♦ Must manage duration of your Endurance Charges
♦ Must manage duration of your Immortal Call
♦ Can be semi-expensive

My items are far from perfect, as a two hander you have a hard time overcapping your resists so you can run Elemental Weakness maps and face certain Rogues much easier. But you have insane burst potential as is now. I have only 5L both skills and am doing fantastic in maps. Hegemony's Era is not the best staff in game, but it has an insane boost with that extra Power Charge which in turn gives you more critical chance. I have been one shotting bosses since almost the beginning of mapping, some are of course more durable such as Vaal, Piety, Oak etc, but none were a problem.

As you see my items are far from perfect, especially the belt which I still want to buy with an added Endurance Charge which will in turn give me more than 20 seconds of physical immunity. At the moment I am trying to obtain Doryani's Invitation unique belt, successfully corrupted with 1 Endurance Charge. It is costly, but probably a best in slot item for this build.

I hope you try this if you are able and enjoy the game! If you have any questions or suggestions please comment, I appreciate it.

My FPS, Frame Time graphs in Docks (hence why I would've eventually died in HC league, PC is mega sh!t.
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