1.3 Lightning Paladin (aegis mjolner-ES based)

This guide will introduce you my Aegis Aurora low life Mjolner Ranger.

I call it the Lightning Paladin.


This build uses legacy aegis, shavronnes armour/ring, and mjolner. It has high armour, high block, and of course, high dps.
The blood magic Keystone is used to allow auras to be cast off life.
Life regen and +2 life gain on hit easily sustain molten strike indefinitely.

I switched from Rainbownuke to this because I was tired of burning a hole in the centre of my screen. That being said, I enjoy this build much more than the old one. It's a very rounded build with high survivability and incredible clear speed.

My gear:


Make sure to get Avenger's prefix on all applicable potions.
Rumi's is another amazing flask (which I do not have yet)

Gear explanation:
Helm: must have High es and high +int
Ring: High stats, resists, +2 life gain on hit to sustain molten strike
Shavronnes revelation: used for ES regen to sustain blood rage
Shavronnes wrap: used so we can go blood magic and cast auras on life
Stone of lazhwar - self explanatory
Rainbowstride - self explanatory
Aegis aurora: Ultimate defensive shield
Mjolner: high damage with very little investment into damage nodes.

Skill Tree:
Lightning Paladin

You can use either the templar or Scion, however the Ranger is the most beneficial.

***Please note, I use a couple talents for PVP purposes, however they can be re-allocated to armor nodes for maps (enemies cannot leech life node).

Auras used:
Herald of thunder
Tempest shield
Optional Purity of fire for atziri.

Low life blood rage is used for the huge attack speed bonus.

Mjolner - ARC - ARC - Iron Will
Shavronnes: Must have Molten strike - multistrike - GMP - faster attacks
4L - Leap slam - faster attacks - curse on hit - Warlords mark

Additional Info:
1)Reposte, Vengeance, and reckoning proc substantial arcs from mjolner
2) Warlords mark is cast with curse on hit and leap slam, as it is our only form of life leech other than blocking with aegis.
3) Ring must have +2 life gained per hit in order to sustain molten strike.
4) Shavronnes revelation ring is used to counteract the degen from blood rage, and it also provides a large int boost.

Videos: ****

My stats:
70% block / 51% spell block
4200 ES (still have 3 ES/armour nodes available)
20k armour
168ES regen/s
0.19 attack time

High damage
Extremely tanky
solid character
fun for pvp as well
Atziri viable

Very expensive gear
Requires high stat bonus from gear
Large reflect packs can cause problems (must make sure they are cursed with warlords mark)
High Chaos degen can be fatal

If you want a solid all-around character, this is it. It's expensive, but is very versatile and enjoyable.
Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
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Added a short video, will upload tanking the boss later.
Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863

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