[1.3] Ice and Fire - Righteous Cascade

Righteous Cascade - Righteous Fire + Glacial Cascade

Description - This build is based around the theme of ice and fire along with the unique ring, Pyre. Since Pyre converts all cold damage to fire, the passive tree can focus on getting the requirements for Righteous Fire and boosting fire damage. The main two skill gems are Righteous Fire and Glacial Cascade.

Pros & Cons
+the combination is aesthetically awesome
+Pyre converts GC to fire damage and increase RF
+elemental reflect mod isn't a problem
+can easily switch to Flameblast for alternative gameplay

-certain mods are very difficult to do (i.e. minus max resistance)

Passive Tree

Required Uniques

Current Gears

Note: Carcass Jack can be replaced with Cloak of Defiance if you prefer MoM.

Gem Links

Glacial Cascade [4-5L]: Glacial Cascade + Fire Pen + Spell Echo + IAoE/Conc
Righteous Fire [4L]: Righteous Fire + IAoE + Increase Burning Dmg + Conc Effect
CwDT [4L]: CwDT(7) + Enduring Cry(9) + Increased Duration + Immortal Call(8)
Auras [4L]: Reduced Mana + PoF + Clarity + Discipline(replace with another when using MoM)
Shield [3L]: Lightning Warp + Reduced Duration + Faster Casting
Arctic Armor where a slot is available

Oak - Skill - Skill

That is all for now.
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