[1.3] Cdl0li's RF Cyclone CoC BM Discharge with AA

Required uniques

This build focuses on using Righteous fire to buff up the discharge damage. Righteous fire requires a lot of nodes to achieve good life regeneration. I noticed that the passives taken contained plenty of mana regeneration, a good way of making it useful is running Arctic Armour for good physical mitigation.
The build uses a Vagan crafted dagger so that accuracy nodes/rings/amulets are not required.
The shield was corrupted to have -phys for further mitigation (only get it if you have enough resistance).

Generally a ton of increased critical strikes is needed for a CoC build, but using the above uniques, having a high crit dagger, diamond rings, AND increased critical strike gem will get you well enough and reliable discharges.

Armor: Cyclone + Cast on critical strike + Increased Critical Strikes + Discharge + Blood Magic

Clarity + Purity of Fire + Purity of Lightning



NOTE: The CoC Rat's nest was just linked with Vaal cyclone for easy boss clear.
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Can you post more about the items and the build in general, maybe some videos?
hc viable?
can u post the rest of the recommended gear so we can have an overview of what to get?
I would say it is HC viable, since we will mitigate a lot of discharge reflect from purity of lightning. However this is not a yolo build... the most important thing to notice is the curse that is put onto you. I suggest having a few curse immune flasks!

Hope that helped ^^
Sry mi bad english.

U can expose more information in those guide; Atziri's viable, maps mods, max map's u farm adn some video can be gratefull.
How do you handle reflect?

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