Vengeance Procs With the Off Hand Weapon When Dual Wielding

This might be intended but it's never mentioned on the gem. Was wondering why the animation on the vengeance gem used a sword while the riposte gem used a hammer. Vengeance uses the off hand when dual wielding.

Vengeance also uses off hand weapon damage and for me that means it's doing about 1/3rd the damage of what the main hand would be doing.
All attacks alternate hands while dual wielding unless they explicitly diverge from this standard behaviour. Vengeance does not.
Because of the nature of triggered attacks being extra actions that happen while you're performing other actions, the alternating behaviour, which is based on actions performed, will be essentially arbitrary - it will effectively pick a random hand for each counterattack.
If it's supposed to alternate that's fine but it definitely doesn't.

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Can Confirm have been experiencing the same issue, the weapons do not alternate, currently Vengeance will always proc on the OFF-HAND.

this isn't purely cosmetic the damage is always based on the off-hand weapons stats.

I experienced this issue whilst trying to work out why my Riposte was always using the Axe Animation [Main Hand] and why my Vengeance was always using the Sword Animation [Off-Hand]

Also is there any reason why the Animation could not be based on the model in use.

I'm currently using the Razer Axe Skin from the Store and it looks really goofy when a sword drops from the sky or spins around me.

I have tested this too, low damage claw in off-hand and a high damage weapon in the main hand.

The low damage weapon in the offhand was the only one being used.

The high damage weapon would only be used when I put it in the offhand.
I've been doing a little more testing and i've found something else that seems a bit off.

Could you clarify if Riposte is supposed to animate with two weapons or not on Proc
the reason i ask is i ran Riposte with Wings of Entropy Sundering Axe earlier today and found that when Riposte proc'd with this paticular item the animation featured two falling axes rather than one.

I was unable to confirm if the damage was effected or not i would imagine its not and that this is just a graphical fault.
Can confirm too. Jack, the Axe in Main Hand and Vengeance never applies bleeding.
Hope this gets fixed.
Would be great to get this fixed.
Bump. Messes up my jack, the axe build.
This bug it's fixed ?

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