[1.3]Freezing Pulse - Unstopable Blizzard ( 25k+ GMP, reflect proof)

Goal of this build is to create universal FP caster that can adapt to almost any conditions. Of course some mods still will be unplayable because its EB/MOM build so Blood Magic and No regen still cant be done.

Im not going into details of leveling etc. because theres plenty FP guides that cover all that, I'll just focus on things that I think are unique for this build.

First the gear:

6L pledge is very nice to have and opens tons of possibilities but 5L works fine too. I even used Taryn at some point but free Echo from Pledge tops it in every way.

Theres no fixed gems or gear here, all things change depending on conditions you meet.
Ill just describe how I play it:

Pledge 6L BBBGGR

Freezing Pulse (obvious) +

- Faster Casting - this is a must, adds tons of dps and mobility (you cast faster so you can change positions faster)

- Life Leech/Cold to Fire - Leech for safety, CtF for maximum dps output. Its possible to play without leech using only life flask and atziri flask for healing but you have to know what youre doing.

- Added Chaos/Rarity gem/Pcoc - Chaos for dps and reflect (you leech from chaos dmg but this portion of dmg is not reflected), IRR for MF obviously. Pcoc for party play or curse immune maps

- GMP - No need for explanation, quality recommended

- Faster Proj/Cold Pen/ Culling/ Mana leech/Added cold - Faster projectiles for more cast spd and range, very useful in open maps like canyon. In closed spaces Culling Strike is better because there is no need for range (quality recommended). Mana Leech for reflect and half regen maps. Cold Pen is not really needed in normal play (dps is enough), maybe for 75% cold res maps. Added cold for moar cold dmg and freeze from quality if you like

Current Tree:


Nothing fancy here except 2 things - Vaal Pact which is obvious for reflect and Unvawering Stance. I personally feel naked without US, its very good - nothing can stop your casting, it saved my ass many times. When you get stunlocked you cant dps and cant leech = rip. Celestial Punishment provides additional dps which is not included in tooltip

Gear Options

My left ring slot is open for rotation, I have capped resists and other stats without it so I can change it on the fly

- Used for reflect maps, lowers dmg reflected to you - very good

- Used for Temporal chains maps

- Im using this for opening freezing strong boxes, fighting bosses that freeze you (shore, waste pool) or just when you want more mana and mana reg

- Whe dual curse is needed.

- Most of the time I have some rarity ring here or something that adds dps (i. e. 7% cast spd ring )

Stats with 7 Power Charges and Atziri flask


Mf mode on some easy map:


Nasty reflect turbo map with enfeeble and beyond


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Great post and some good tips tho :)

can you please suggest some tips for same build on Chaos inculcation witch?
im playing "Cold Crit CI Freezing pulse witch" at lvl85 currently.
and actually i cannot find a good viable PST to work with.

I wanted to play CI with FP but I just cant make it work. I was struggling with mana regen and could not run auras and heralds that I wanted, my ES was pretty low because lack of shield. I decided to go old fashioned EB route with AA but include some things you normally use with CI (unvawering stance, vaal pact, dream fragments) and It's working for me. Can't help you with CI (need really good gear to pull it off imo), you gotta ask someone with more experience with it.
Actually I think it would be better to go straight to low life - you could make up some dps trade offs (gotta make them if you want decent ES pool) with pain attunement
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hey, im not sure is it better but i made some changes to your skill tree to be a little defensive, as 3200 hp is a little low. mind commenting it?

also u commit to crit whole a lot. 56% crit chance is good, but 40ish is also really good (specially with pledge) as u cast rather fast. personally i would remove some crit and put it into life.
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Removing Unwavering Stance is really bad. My whole point is to not to be stopped from blasting - ever. I tried those nodes near witch start but its not the same, you still can be stunlocked quite easily (frogs, evangelists, devos). Around 3k life is not much but dont forget you still have ~1k mana for MOM, also Life can be gained from using better gear and maybe dropping Doryani belt for high HP leather belt. Around 4k may be achievable this way. I like playing more of a glass cannons so Im usually ending around this much HP
One more thing - Im running dual curse now with enfeeble so its pretty safe anyway
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this tree has way less crit. but it has way more life and some armor/es (templar side 2 nodes)
with it u can get to 4,8-5 k life withmediocore gg gear even with out life belt. the difference between being stunned with 3k compared to 5kis is huge. its like over half less likely. getting unwavering stance is useless for u (to my mind), and the node is good only if u are melee and use desyncing abilities like cycklone.

i guess as i play mostly hc, can have an impact on what i think is good, any way have fun playing :)
when season ends i recommend respecking this char to same build (or what u prefer) and try a tankier version. it will surprice u :)
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Hi ..
Iam in love with build Really nice!
So just wanna ask u if u can update it for 2.0 cuz i am fairly new cant make my own tree ..
Thanks in Advance :)
Propably not happening since FP is crap now from what I hear. Besides Im trying not to play caster this league, going mostly Marauder (never played one for real before)
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