Hideout Of The Week

Hideout of the Week is a video series where we showcase a personalised hideout created by a Path of Exile community member. To submit your hideout, simply make a new thread with any pictures, videos and descriptions of your hideout that you want to include. We will select our entries from these submissions.

If your hideout has been changed after submission, we suggest editing your thread to note any changes that have been made. This is helpful for us when processing your submissions.

Thanks everyone!

Previous Hideouts of the Week
Season One:
Episode 1 - The Cavernous Library
Episode 2 - Nature Will Take Over Everything
Episode 3 - The Holy Mountain
Episode 4 - Overgrown Island Forest
Episode 5 - The Decrepit Graveyard
Episode 6 - The Battle-Scarred Oasis
Episode 7 - Sinking Out Loud
Episode 8 - Mausoleum of Bones

Season Two
Episode 1 - The Torture Chamber
Episode 2 - Watergate Hamlet
Episode 3 - Tranquil Battle-Scarred Hideout
Episode 4 - The Scarlet Corsair
Episode 5 - The Settlement
Episode 6 - The Great Babylonian Ruins
Episode 7 - Joe Schmoe VS. The Volcano
Episode 8 - The Market District
Episode 9 - Lost Gates Exile
Episode 10 - King Arthur and the Exiles of the Round table
Episode 11 - Blood Shrine Palace of Malice
Episode 12 - The Exotic Wraeclastian Hotel
Episode 13 - Catarina's Asylum
Episode 14 - The Corrupted Temple
Episode 15 - The First Zoo of Wraeclast
Episode 16 - Castle of Pathsylvania
Episode 17 - Shavronne's Hidden Runic Trove
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Thanks guys! Fixed that up and added this week's episode.
The link to season 2, episode 14 is broken.

Thanks! Fixed that now.

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