1.3.0h hotfix (~4pm Dec 31, NZ time)

The following change was made without a server restart. It affects new game instances that you enter:
  • Fixed a bug related to Scold's Bridle where it would apply damage for skills with no mana cost.
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nice, quick turnaound time for such a bugfix.

PS: first (page)
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Did you also fix the prefix "1xxx% iir" on strongboxes? I have never (really not) gotten a single rare item out of one of them before today. And today all of them dropped as expected...
May your maps be bountiful, exile
So you guys ever going to fix Dysnc, or Maps that break and you can no longer enter?
Any patch notes on the 1MB patch just pushed to steam ?

Entered the room to see my HDD activity light solidly on, meaning the patch was Grinding my HDD, but considering I have hardlinked the game to my SSD, the patch was GRINDING !!!!! my SSD.
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Im curious what skills have no mana cost.
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SkyCore wrote:
Im curious what skills have no mana cost.

Portal gem has no mana cost.

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