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I think one thing really holding back pvp at the moment is the gear. I think gear should matter in pvp, its fun to get new items and feel powerful, but at the moment in torment league its just whoever has spent the most currency on their character wins.

I feel like instead of starting the pre-set characters with random blue items, they should start out with decently good rares a tier below the best tier. For example, instead of 69 life/29 fire resist/29 cold resist helmet, you would start out with 59 life/19 fire resist/19 cold resist helmet (just as an example). This gear is not hard to get by any means, i can search poegoods and see 20 of these helmets/other types of gear for an alc-chaos, do you really need to put crappy blue items on the pre-sets? This still gives people things to work towards on their characters, but they also wont be instantly turned off and quit the first time they actually vs somebody with good gear.

Also, block chance reduction gem should be just given to people in their inventory so they actually use it in pvp. I'd say 95% of the people i play don't use this gem and its basically the best gem in pvp vs all the best builds.

The only way pvp will ever be successful is to make it easy/fun to get into. Until then, it will just be a barren wasteland and a very niche thing to a small community of people. I've played maybe 80 games of pvp so far. Lost a bunch at first, decided to spend couple exalts worth of gear just getting random rares/crafting a weapon/stuff like that, didn't lose a single game to anyone except the rank 1 guy (I'm rank 3), and my que times are like 10-20 minutes cause nobody plays, and when I do find a match its just against some random guy with barely any gear and i win without using a potion and gain +1-2 ranking.

I also think the ladder should be cross-league (at least for bloodline-torment and standard-hardcore). Just ignore all the people saying that's its not fair etc etc, they probably don't give a shit about pvp in the first place. I'd rather play vs actual other players than not play anybody at all, and people who do care about pvp should think the same, if not I really see no reason why this doesn't exist at the moment. Yes make the seasons league specific, but for just the ladder/matchmaking system it should definitely be cross-league.

The only reason I'm taking the time to write all this though is because I think when two people are evenly matched/geared the pvp is actually some of the most fun I've ever had in this game. The games I had against the rank 1 guy were super fun and really close and we went back and forth and ended about even. And I hope more people can start getting into pvp so I can have even more matches like that. Stomping random people with no gear is no fun for me, and especially not fun for the opposing player.

Maybe things will improve once the pvp season starts on torment, but I don't see it happening.
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I really want to play PvP, but have no interest in playing in Standard during the temp leagues. They should let us play with our Torment characters vs standard (hell vs bloodlines and HC as well).

The lack of cross league play you can blame on Aux and a handful of "hardcore" players who have the ear of devs quite some time back. Chris uses almost their exact words when describing the environment in which loot is acquired.


PLEASE allow me to use my Torment Character to PvP. I don't care about players in standard having better gear. I also have insane legacy gear in standard, but I just do not want to play there.

Sadly a limited minority have been able to dramatically shape the state of PvP, much to its detriment.

On the plus side, its here. Yay... only two years after promised.
Well my two cents on why I don't want to bother with PVP.

* Lack of balance. Lets be honest, PVP boils down to a handful of cookie cutter builds. I don't play POE for that reason. I like POE because you can play different and unique builds.

* Counter builds. Going up against a build that inherently beats your own build is not fun. Similarly, there is no sense of achievement in knowing your own build beats X build.

* Not fun. A big free for all can be fun. ARPG's are chaotic, so that really fits the genre. But one on one duels? they are orderly, predictable and boring.

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