ok so like it says i want to know everything builds guild skills gems items class's. anything on how to but a lld rageing-rager hahah

there are a few people out there using them to great effect. Maybe ask nicely and they will post some information.

Also post your current plan for feedback from the rest of us.
LLD BOTW spark/arc caster guide http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1133731
hello eric

please show us what you have already done. otherwise, we won't know where to start.
I need more purple titles
ok im shit at this so some one edit it and make it look nice :)

well i have been playing from beta and money is no object the plan. (still on paper) is a Sion with the minion damage nodes ans skill duration nodes and a metric fuck ton of life and % re-gen.

the tree....
easy to work out get the life wheel and what i said above.

gear this is where i start 2 wonder

6l chest so no +2 -- or -- 6l S touch

anti freeze some where

no move speed-- (don't run) -- leap slam


***(7% per ring - 10% head - 15 glove - some on shield i think (cata) wand of course)***

not saying i want to use all this but its some ideas

play style

now the plan on how to play the build is.. zone in spam 2-3 desecrate and spam your spirits till you see the opponent now speed buff the spirits and hope for the best.


***(they need to be fucking fast so 20% and minion speed as well)***

so the 6 link i think will be

RS -- min speed -- wed -- multi -- added fire -- ?? --

the last one im thinking ether more phy damage *forgot the gem level* or fire pen or even blood magic.( so i can run artic armour )


TRI CURSE ON ARC *using the temp chain gloves with -- vun -- ele weak

**************** ANY AND ALL HELP/FEEDBACK IS WELCOMED ***************


the new skills vengeance/ the block one kill your spirits. its nearly a hard counter. all you need is some damage on the aoe skill i think its vengeance and it one shots your spirits in a aoe.. some guy had 700 dps on his and took 0 damage from me when he let me get all my spirits up..

... plus note with AA you are unkillable i had 3 best of seven back 2 back deuls go to a draw. using temp chains vun and flam on arc. with the AA slow effect. even flicker was bad. with on stun skellys.. haha
so im guessing you are talking high level dueling?

If so for the most part I think you can follow a guide for it. +1 gems tabula will be really good, or a good +2/+3 staff. Searing touch is good but most of the bonuses it provides dont apply to SRS.

Check any of the multiple guides for end game srs and addapt it for single target damage. Drop minion speed for more damage and use flesh offering to speed them up even more. Think about using block pen gem when you need it.
LLD BOTW spark/arc caster guide http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1133731
no i mean level 28 i canrt find any guides on it
ok so I'll throw some thing here from what I've seen other people do with their builds.

1. Use Minion Instability to deal significant damage.
2. Asenath's temp chains -ele weakness gloves will be best.

3. Get corrupted items with minion damage (helm - asenath's touch probably)

4. A good guardian is a good option (in a +1 gems/matua tupuna and some nice high level items)

5. +1 tabula for the win.

6. You yourself will be squish as fuck and capped resists will be hard because of all the uniques you need to use
LLD BOTW spark/arc caster guide http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1133731

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