COD in S1 arena: has there been a GGG response?

If not, can we has one please?
Well, checking the announcements everyday might help keep you on top of issues like this.
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I guess I won't be making a CoD build like everyone else in the arena.
Chris wrote:
A very hot topic right now in PvP is Cast on Death - it's absolutely dominating FFA events. Tomorrow's 1.3.0g patch addresses it with a pretty brutal PvP damage adjustment. However, it'll still be possible for CoD characters to take out groups of low-life opponents if they build around it and pick the right times to detonate themselves.
Chris wrote:
addresses it with a pretty brutal PvP damage adjustment.

Wrong course of action IMO. They should just change the dynamics on how CoD effects scoring. Their proposed nerf will make it useless for 3v3 and CTF as well.
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Can't beleive people are defending those suicide bombers, good ridance. No one will miss you.
-75% less damage to skills in pvp, Now THAT'S an hardcore nerf.

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