PVP only Currency

As i currently see it the main problem with pvp is not balance but accessibility. People with small amount of time cannot/will not use that little time they have to grind pvp gear in pve content.

So the idea is: why not add PvP only currency that you get from pvp-ing.

-The pvp currency is the same as its normal counterpart, but it makes the item unusable in pve.
-You get it as reward for daily pvp, pvp events and every time you kill a player(the drop chance between different currency types could be adjusted)
-Pvp currency can be used only with Leo (not ideal, but will prevent pvp affecting pve)

-will allow people with limited amount of time that want to pvp, actually do pvp instead pve.
-Adding this currency will not prevent people from getting their pve currency and items into pvp, but will allow pvp only players to craft their gear.
-Would give emphasis on crafting good gear, which is in my opinion in the spirit of the game.
-pvp will give a greater sense of progression (and probably meaning for some players)
-will make pvp more self sustainable (a big + in the eyes of your average pvp oriented player)

Obvious negative aspects:
-adding a whole bunch of pvp only stuff that can make managing items hard.
-programming the damn thing? :D
-visually differentiating pvp from normal currency (should also apply to pvp and normal gear imo)

tell me what ya think :3

edit: in order to make pvp self sustained there would be a need for more stuff, like geting access to all skill gems without doing pve, but i feel that is a matter that should be discussed in another topic
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Sounds like it's just as much grind
It's hard to remember what you have forgotten
Why are police looking for missing people? None of them were missing last time I saw them
Cons: people that alredy spent a fair amount on their pvpers and win a lot gets rewarded helping them win even more.

I agree with both of you, and I would like for all the gear / gems and whatnot to just be available for pvp but lets be realistic.

This game is about grinding (in fun ways, but still it is about grinding). At the moment the way to grind gear for pvp is trough pve. That means when you go in pvp with your weak ass character while you win you see yourself go up the ranks but then you hit the gear barrier and you can't do nothing about it, unless you grind pve.

The event rewards are nice addition but in no way enough to replace pve grind.

So for those who want to play just pvp, there is no real option.

@Tommie_Sjukskriven: yeh, but now you can do it just pvp-ing which is my intent. As much as i would like to, removing the grind from this game doesn't quite fit the whole grinding gear games theme i feel

@Grildrak: no real way to go around this unless there is premade gear, but i feel that like this you can still play your occasional pvp, hit the barrier, fall down and win a couple of rounds against weaker opponents. The difference now is that you got some currency from those kills to work with, and maybe get better gear. Yes it won't put the casuals in the same boat as those who play 24/7, but hey, at least casuals can feel like they are going there. Also given how the whole thing is luck based who knows, you can always get exalt drop even as a nooby (and i don't think the pvp exalt would be much worse in value than the normal one)

ty for responses

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