LLD displays a poor excuse for balance and zero foresight.

For a company in this day and age to do such a piss poor job of balancing PvP comes as an absolute surprise to me. 1v1 matches are short, ugly and plagued with balance issues. Even after the "nerf" FS is still incredibly strong. All you had to do was make it incompatible with MS ( MS flicker blows anyway at high levels because it's uncontrollable ). Block is still off the hook, people can delay fights to draws, puncture traps 1 shot guys and God knows what other BS is taking place. I have played at least 50-60 matches with max resists and high physical damage reduction and I am shocked at the lack of imbalance you guys provided us with. So many of these topics have come up over the years - are you even students of MMO history? Has a single one of your devs PvP in ANY game for an extended period of time? it doesn't seem like it.

The worst part about all of this is that LLD is MUCH less out of control than fights at higher levels. They're absurd.

Either hire some people that aren't clueless carebears or take PvP offline because you are really shitting the bed on this one and it's incredibly disappointing. I have been playing since beta and I was really looking forward to this. What you have provided us with is a total embarrassment to competitive gameplay.
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Well that's your opinion. I enjoy PvP and think it's awesome. I play on HC and Bloodlines too.
I think its pretty OK
I like it. They're doing a pretty good job thus far. It can only get better from here.
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You've played 50-60 matches and now you know enough to make un constructive qq posts on the forums. Meanwhile people who have played thousands of games arnt QQing on the forums and if they do take issue with something they tend to write well thought out constructive posts that address specific issues.
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I liked the initial pvp i had on new leagues start. My biggest problem with it is that i simply have not enough time to farm competitive gear, and there is no way of getting pvp gear by only pvp-ing.

When i started pvp i was struck with this guild wars vibe i haven't felt for so long, and it was awesome... till the players who had time got with their gear and there was nothing more for me to do (don't have the time to farm xD)

I don't think that premade gear is the way to go, but farming pvp gear in pve is clunky and will turn off people who would like to only pvp.

There needs to be a way to "farm" pvp gear or "pvp only" currency by only pvp-ing. Like make a pvp only stash tab and currency usable only for pvp gear (and also a way to make gear pvp-only, so the rewards don't affect pve in any way). I'm not for preventing people to get gear from pve into pvp, but i am for a robust pvp system where you can get more gear and currency by just pvp-ing without it affecting the rest of the game (pve).

Just my 5 cents alch orbs.
I think if there was a pvp only currency equivalent for each orb that locked the use to pvp only characters, pvp would be really easy to get into.
Yeh, the main problem now is the clunkines of farming pve for pvp gear. And it is also time consuming (as in, you do pve so you can eventually pvp. with limited time i would rather just pvp and get my gear from there somehow).

Pvp only currency might me the way to go, it would put a huge accent on crafting and wouldn't prevent pve ppl from using their currency to craft gear either (but it would prevent it going the other way around).

Main question is, how would one acquire that currency?
I'm not sure if Daily mission + Events as rewards would be enough or if there would need to be another additional mechanism to get the currency (maybe a random currency drop on each kill? It's not like we don't have infinite transmutations orbs anyway, and one would feel really nice getting that rare pvp only exalted :P )
Guys can we ignore posts like this? At this point it's offering nothing construtive (unnecessary repeated bashing on FS that isn't even justified, straight up QQ) and Selminus himself isn't even showing signs that he still LLDs.

Edit: Selminus has no more 28s this is just mindless rambling guys.
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