My review so far

I just started PVPing in 1.3. I like some and dislike some.

Here are my reviews and suggestions:

1. It's close to impossible to join in a CTF and 3v3. I waited for a quite long and I couldn't join in any.

--Maybe, CTF and 3v3 reputation and favor point reward should be raised more??

2. There is no loot reward. If I want to gear up, I have to farm in PVE. When I farmed other masters, I was also able to farm some good loots.

--Some currency rewards or purchasable PVP gears or unique with favor might help us motivate to play PVP more.

3. No reputation reward when you lose with no win is quite sad.

--At least, even if we kill 0, we should get a little bit of reputation for the challenge.

4. In 1v1, maps are sorta small for some builds.

--We could have some bigger maps for 1v1 too.

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