Shadow and Duelist

So for the 28 PVP, Shadow and Duelist are the FOTM? I only see them in the top 9 ranking. I bet 70 or 80% of them use FS, ST, DS and WB.

We might need some balance changes for either skills or tree, but PVE shouldn't be affected because of PVP, so PVP damage and skill mechanic should be changed instead.
how is puncture ranger and heavy strike marauder doing?

last night was like templar is master race
I need more purple titles
Obviously they are not as good as Duelist and Shadow, according to the ranking.
The 1v1 ladder is full of shadows atm mainly because that was the best class pre 1.3 so a lot of ppl already built good pvp shadows earlier and could start pvping with them as soon as the patch was out.

Just give it a few days and things will change once the ppl that are building new characters with the new stuff starts playing
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