All op skill got nerf except explosive arrow?

Explosive arrow is still not nerf? So much for testing alpha when you fail to realize you forgot to nerf the most op skill in pvp in hld
i would wait until the patch come online to random open your mouth.
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[quote="MullaXul"]ICU + alpha, bad idea[/quote]
Obviously not everything can be tested in a limited amount of time, and the focus of the first 2 PvP seasons will be around LLD as it was pointed out a few times. Until the start of PvP season 3 where we might see a focus around HLD there will be enough time to further test and balance everything for HLD.

NickK_GGG wrote:
Feedback from the few dozen PvP testers we've had in Alpha has broadly been positive, but we know it's not perfect yet. We'll be carefully assessing tournaments of all types for balance tweaks that still need to be made, both to the algorithms and to particular skills that may be over or underperforming. I know I speak for everyone when I say we're excited to hear your feedback when PvP relaunches in just a few days. With your help, we hope to have an amazing competitive scene for years to come.

So as Nick said, Feedback is always welcome and everyone knows that it's not perfect yet. So if you know why and how something is broken and how it can be improved, then it would be awesome if you write that up and post it in the PvP Feedback forum.
PVP algorithm
Make yourself an EA build and get some alt art rewards if its soooooooo OP.
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Explosive arrow damages are fine, the only weird part is the fact that the fuse stick to you and explose to your face without being able to block or dodge it . That's what they need to fix (and i wish they did ).
I haven't seen Flicker Strike in the list.
Please hold your QQing till a later date(after the patch and season). Thank you.

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