400 ping vs 250 ping vs 50 ping. What is the difference?

What is fair, and what is not?
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High ping : Server responsivity is delayed quite a lot, desyncs may occur more and it takes more time for your packets to be sent to the main server this leaving you at a disadvantage.

Low ping : Server responsivity is excellent, packets are sent instantly and you dont desync or get delays what so ever.

In any real competitive game IE: Chivalry medieval warfare where movements need to be fluid, 400 ping is unacceptable, your opponent would have very sloppy movement and desync a lot.

Path of exile is a bit different, since its 3rd person sky view, you notice the lag a lot less, but it's still there. You will notice it by key delays, server delays, desyncs, freezes, map loading time.

I would never fight someone with 400 ping in any other real competitive movement 1st person pvp game, 100 ping is even still too much.

PoE doesn't have huge funds to have a lot of main servers working for every landscape, you will have higher lag the further you are from the main server, nothing you can do about it.

What can help you is, clean up your PC regularly of spywares, adwares and viruses, i suggest you download AVG pc tune up, avoid wireless connection, get the highest mb/s internet you can get. If you do all this you should have a bit less lag, but it will never be resolved if you are very far from the main servers.

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even at 180+ ping the incoming dmg seems already quite delayed and it becomes way harder to react to certain things. Being able to still perform really well at this kind of ping requires you to predict really well what your opponent is going to do.

In other words, when you have high ping you will first lost life, then see the source of the dmg, hence it simply sucks to have high ping and it will always be a handicap, especially in PvP
Skyforth wrote:
What is fair, and what is not?

Ping is response delay between the client and the server expressed in milliseconds.
Probably going to be the main reason I won't pvp in this game, I can't stand laggy bullshit, and my connection to their servers is atrocious.
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Actually I found high ping here quite manageable compared to other games.

I play with 250-300 ping US and 400-450 ping EU, and it only starts getting noticeable in EU.
You can mitigate some of the ping issues with your build choice.

I would say going melee will be ruff but if you get a build that can just one shot someone the fights might not last long enough for lag to mater much. Problem with this is you'll probably be super squishy and the reason fights aren't lasting long is cause your dead :)

By playing a defensive trapper you can just lay traps and try to run around your opponent till they step on a trap. You'll still feel the effect of lag but it'll effect you less because your generally not interacting directly with your opponent.

By playing a split arrow ranger you could just spray and pray while kiting away from your opponent.

There are many builds that can mitigate the effect lag has.
You'll still be at a disadvantage but it'll be less.
In EU vs US vs AUS matches, the person whose server hosts the match will have a substantial advantage. Has it been discussed/explained which player hosts a match, or how this issue will be addressed?

I don't plan on PvPing much, if at all, but if I play with someone from the US, my ping goes from 50-60ms to 250ms if the other person gets to create the instance. In case of Australian gateway users, my ping goes up to 400+. It is likely to be the same in reverse.

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