1.3 Blender style build ? halp


A friend of mine wants to start playing the game when the new league starts.
He asked me for a build similar to Diablo2's zealot.
So I naturally told him about the blender, pretty good survivability with block, good damage, lots of viable variations..
But then 1.3 tree comes out and I (like most of you) realise it might become really hard to keep blender viable.

It's going to be his first character so I dont want any expensive shit (it should be playable in low level maps for less than 15 chaos and effective in general for 6-10 ex) That's why the blender was perfect, he could just get strides, lazhwar, BoR, 2 decent weapons or a WoE and let's go.

What other choices does he have?
- 1h+shield OR DW
- can not rely on expensive items to be playable (no soul taker for example)
- Similar gameplay to d2 zealot

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blender is 100% very viable...

maybe even better....
Blender is still viable. Once the new patch arrives, I will be updating my WoE-BoR thread, along with more information for newbies. The entire build is going to be very cheap, though BoR may get more expensive.
For try, for see, and for know.

This is a buff
i will be playing Blender on new league.

Starting from Ranger
Cleaver, 3 Aoe Amplify nodes, Iron Reflex, Resolute

Sword/Axe or Axe/Axe

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