[1.2] Beyond Facebreaker Cyclone Build Log

One of the most ordinary characters I've made, but also one of the most fun.

Nothing special here, just recording my setup.


103 Points

Notable Stats
5.3k life
25k Cyclone Tooltip
6k armour
4.2k evasion
43% block

Maze Map
Apex of Sacrifice
Could not find a decent level/quality immortal call on beyond. Fortunately I ripped so I was able to attempt this on standard.

Forgot to mule my flasks, so the atziri fight could've been a bit smoother.

Levlled with infernal blow, then switched to dom blow at around level 60.

Found the clearspeed to be painfully slow in many cases because:

-Mobs that aren't flicker strikes/chargers/leapers move around incredibly slow. Even with haste+flesh offering.
-Having a huge army spread mobs out too much. Ended up simply swinging at empty air trying to hit the handful of mobs scattered across the screen.
-Animation flasks not enough to keep minions alive vs beyond mobs in 70+ maps.
-Low damage of course, makes survival more difficult, despite the meatshields.

Switched back to infernal blow for a couple levels. The huge aoe and consistency was very satisfying, and I felt like I was finally clearing at an acceptable speed... However:

-Elemental reflect.
-Low single target damage.

I feel like infernal blow is my best bet for general clearing, but I had also begun trying to spawn Abaxoth for my 5th challenge around this time and needed some single target damage. Cyclone is easily the best option that a facebreaker has in that regard.

With cyclone:

-Big deeps. Simply shreds mobs.
-Highly mobile.
-No melee splash! Another gem slot for even more deeps.
-No fear of reflect.
-Looks cool.

The clearspeed felt mediocre at first. But as I got used to the skill, I decided I was going to stick with it and invested in a quality gem+a bit of aoe. The skill felt amazing after that aoe increased, and it is the reason I have stay away from conc effect so far (may give it a try at a later date though).

With a couple pieces of chaos res gear I could run blood rage, but more interested in just levelling up, and possible attempting atziri with this char.

So I was running a 72 torture chamber map with double exiles and half regen (dropped down from 77s because rng) when I came across that storm call+ball lightning dude.

Okay, nothing special, I will spin past him a few times to not get hit and he will be dead. After the first couple of passes the second exile appeared, that idiot that leaps around and does no damage.

Well, I seemed to be killing them a lot slower than usually, so I just decided to go around the corner and drop the stormcaller who was donw to about 30%.

Died in about 1 second.

I knew that this exile could cast conductivity but was certain that I was not cursed when I died, and had taken full blasts from him in higher level maps without issue.

When I resurrected in standard I had -if not my greatest, then definitely in my top 3- a massive facepalm moment.

I had been fighting them with brightbeak+prismatic eclipse, which drops my lightning resistance to 30%.

Not sure how that happened, but whatever.

Tl;dr somehow pressed x without realizing it and got instagibbed by stormcall.

Atziri down on scrubcore without a hitch (since I could finally get my hands on an immortal call to attempt it).

Will upload the video tomorrow.
My builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1629242
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The aesthetics of your character are ✓✓
The chance to Vaal +1% maximum resists on an amulet is less than 1/300.
Thanks for the post.
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