[2.0]Evasion PA guide, world first atziri EB+CI 1.3, Uber viable

Some pretty big changes for this build in 2.0, biggest is slower projectiles and Jewels

The damage has gone up significantly, I no longer use Arrow dancing (Ondars guile) or Eldritch Battery so some of the gear will reflect that (basically get mana instead of ES on gear)

Rallying cry, frenzy charges and flame dash are all really great abilities

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Uber Atziri
clearing gorge

The Passive tree


The Gear

Gear choices: Key items for this build are Queen of the forrest chest (priority on evasion roll), a +3 bow (if you can get resists they are great, attackspeed is also good but lower priority than resists, 2 prefixes prefered to 3 so you can craft Leo mod), and drillneck so that you can scale the PA with pierce chance, the rest of the gear is health resist EV/ES hybrid gear with mana on it, notable uniques are atziri slink but can use blood dance instead

my gear and links are not updated as I am playing warbands ATM, this will be fixed soon

Bow: Poison Arrow - Empower - Increased Area of Effect - Concentrated effect - Pierce - Slower Projectiles

Helmet: Grace - Clarity - Enlighten -

Chest: Rallying Cry - Vaal Haste - increased duration

Frenzy - faster attacks - culling strike

Gloves: Flame dash - faster casting - vulnerability - Enhance

Boots: Blink arrow - Faster projectiles - faster attacks - enhance

-really fun to play
-can do any content in the game
-extremely fast clearing
-good for pvp
-even faster movespeed
-stupidly good in 2.0, very very buffed

-a bit more costly


here is me speccing into CI to kill atziri, AFAIK it is a world first for CI+EB

Shipyard with vulnerability -max res curse immune and extra fire damage

The Passive tree


The Gear

Gear choices: the only key unique is Queen of the Forest, the permanent movespeed is amazing for a build that doesn't have to stand still and attack, the other must have is a +3 bow, I chose to go with vertex for extra levels in my bear trap and atziri step for the nice movespeed and evasion they give, both can be replaced with high end rares, I also have higher resist gloves and helmet that I can swap to for elemental weakness maps

-really fun to play
-easy leveling
-can do any content in the game
-amazing movespeed

-waiting for traps

LEVELING (example trees outdated)
I would not recommend leveling with poison arrow itself, when I first did this build I was making a trapper and leveled using fire trap, I swapped to poison arrow when I had a +3 bow and level 18 poison arrow. The trapper build can easily level with fire trap without needing to respec points, you grab health and trapping nodes early, here is an example that is pretty much a straight line skilltree for the first 60 levels, this is how I'd continue until around 75 and then you can start grabbing all the chaos nodes after that point

I have never leveled the non trap version instead I spent a bunch of regret orbs, however it is certainly possible to level the non trap version with minimal respecs. Personally I would recommend leveling it as elemental tornado shot, here is a rough early skilltree that can then go into this. These are example trees and could probably be improved for a faster and smoother leveling experience, however I try to keep it close to the original tree so you can respec with the quest rewards alone. I recommend using deaths harp (fast bows with ele damage will do too), getting damage from herald of thunder, herald of ice and wrath and the 3 most important links for tornado shot is Tornado Shot + Lesser/Greater Multiple Projectiles + Weapon elemental damage


how would I get more survivability:
I have cleared all content in the game safely outside of uber atziri (doable but not safe) so I do not think it is needed, if you do want it though I would prioritize increased max resist and max health

how would I get more damage:
Higher level gems!!!

how many 20/20 poison arrow gems have you vaaled unsuccessfully:
19 and then somebody finally sold me a 21/20

uber atziri:
yes doable


This build works great in PvP and has been top 20 several times in different leagues, you need a chin sol in the offhand for puncture traps because of CI and people with high chaos res

the biggest issue is really high chaos res regen characters
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OMG that's impressive :)
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Nice. Very impressive.
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Seen your video,very impressive!
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just gone through the thread, HC snobbery still too brain-dead to respect anyone - well done man, must have been quite fun to pull it off
kids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbFE90QKJIw
adults https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzysxHGZCAU
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 business a-blazing but no more t-shirts
I'm pretty sure if I invested respec points I could do it with BM, just get some mana cost reduced passives, put the PA in the helmet, and run elreon jewlery, it is the same fight then apart from that I have lower damage output

passive tree would be something like this

and I think I would need to get a level 21 PA to keep as much damage as possible
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Is desecrate even worth running?

I mean, compared to PA, it has what, 3 times lower damage?
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Is desecrate even worth running?

I mean, compared to PA, it has what, 3 times lower damage?

it is worth running and it is lower than that, PA is something like 14k and desecrate is 2.5k, however it is 2.5k more than not using it, I also sometimes swap in devouring totem
Sir, you are a true hardcore player for that CI+EB kill, fuck all the rest...
Ci but why your passive + alot life node

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