The Fall of Oriath: Returning Characters in Acts 6-10

May 25, 2017 11:33:01 PM
To close off this week of news, we've created another preview of upcoming content in The Fall of Oriath! In Act Five you'll leave Wraeclast and return to Oriath to face new enemies and witness its fall. Upon your return to Wraeclast, you'll find it changed. Some of the challenges you face will be unfamiliar to you, and some obstacles will vary depending on your actions from the past. In this preview video, you'll discover some of the familiar faces you can meet in Acts Six through Ten. Read More.

The Fall of Oriath: Gruthkul, Mother of Despair

May 24, 2017 7:34:18 PM
The Beta for our upcoming 3.0.0 expansion, The Fall of Oriath, is expected to launch in two weeks! This also means that only two weeks remain to get your exclusive Atlas of Worlds supporter packs before they leave the store. In the meantime, we've created a video that reveals another boss from Act Seven: Gruthkul, Mother of Despair! Read More.

Get the Purple Portal, Purple Weapon Effect and Purple Footprints Free with Twitch Prime!

May 23, 2017 5:00:22 PM
Path of Exile has partnered with Twitch Prime to bring you the Purple Portal, Purple Weapon Effect and Purple Footprints for free when you subscribe to Twitch Prime! Until the 19th of June you'll be able to redeem these free cosmetic effects by starting a free one-month trial with Twitch Prime and linking your Path of Exile account to Twitch. Read More.
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