Announcing Path of Exile: Harvest

Jun 2, 2020, 5:00:00 PM
In Path of Exile: Harvest, Oshabi is cultivating the Sacred Grove, an ancient garden of mysterious power. You must plant seeds that grow into dangerous enemies and use their Lifeforce to craft powerful items. This expansion also contains powerful new crafting options, 8 new skills, 2 new support gems, revamps of Two-handed Weapons, Warcry skills, Brands, Slams and the Passive Skill Tree itself. We've also introduced 12 new unique items and rebalanced over 50 existing ones. Please check out the announcement page, watch the trailer and check out the new supporter packs! Read More.

The Press Tour is Complete

Jun 1, 2020, 9:22:19 PM
We have finished our press tour, having shown our next expansion to 19 news outlets. The journalist embargo lifts at 2pm PDT (9am NZ time) tomorrow, so we'll post the announcement/trailer simultaneously alongside the journalists posting their detailed information and interviews. Keep an eye on your favourite news sites tomorrow to see their coverage. We will also launch a new set of supporter packs on PC that are themed around the new content. In addition, be sure to tune into ZiggyD's stream when the announcement goes live to learn more about the expansion and watch a live Q&A with Chris Wilson. Read More.

Delirium Supporter Packs Concept Art

May 31, 2020, 6:03:41 PM
In just a few days we'll be announcing our next expansion! Alongside the 3.11 expansion announcement we'll introduce a new set of Supporter Packs on PC, which means you have only a little time left to consider whether to purchase the current Delirium Supporter Packs. In the meantime, have a look at the concept art of these Supporter Packs we've prepared for today. Read More.
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