Content Update 2.5.0 Concept Art

Dec 8, 2016 3:02:54 PM
In Content Update 2.5.0 we released 55 new uniques, many of which you can view here. Along with their creepy flavour text, many of these new uniques also have some wicked 2D art. Today's news post reveals some of the concept art of some these uniques! Read More.

New Types of Stash Tabs!

Dec 7, 2016 4:16:24 PM
As Path of Exile grows, so too does the desire for new ways to store and organise your items. To help reduce the clutter, we've created three new types of Stash Tabs! Divination Stash Tabs, Essence Stash Tabs and Quad Stash Tabs are now available in the microtransaction store! We've also created a discounted bundle that includes all three new stash tabs! Read More.

Patch 2.5.0b / What Builds are GGG Playing?

Dec 6, 2016 10:57:17 PM
Tomorrow we're deploying Patch 2.5.0b that includes various bug fixes, an increase to the hover boxes on Breach chests to make them easier to click on and several other improvements. For more information, check out the full patch notes. We also talked to many members of the Grinding Gear Games team to find out what build they're playing in the Breach League! Read More.
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