State of Exile Podcast and New 1.2.3 Screenshots

Monday, September 22, 2014
The fifteenth episode of the community State of Exile podcast was recorded today. It's in two parts, the second of which has Carl and Rory from our balance department as guest speakers. Part One is here and Part Two is here. In other news, we've released five new screenshots from the 1.2.3 patch (One Two Three Four Five). All of these screenshots show a new type of enemy skill (internally called "Beacons") that cause objects to be placed randomly that explode a few seconds later. In these screenshots, they are being used in some Haku mission variations. Read More.

Information about Next Week's 1.2.3 Content Update

Thursday, September 18, 2014
We're planning to deploy the 1.2.3 Content Update late next week. Today's news post includes some information about what's intended for the update, but shouldn't be treated as full patch notes. There are many other changes that aren't included in this post. Read More.

Schedule for last 12 hours of Marathon Sale

Thursday, September 18, 2014
The Hourly Deals Marathon Sale mentioned yesterday is half way through and is doing really well! Now that each deal has appeared once and will repeat in the same order, we're publishing a schedule of the deals so that you can plan to be online at the right time for the one you want, if you missed it so far. Read More.
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