1.1.5c Has Introduced New Vampiric and Shield Microtransactions!

We've updated Path of Exile with the 1.1.5c patch, which introduces several new microtransactions. Themed around our popular Vampiric Weapon Effect, we've added a Vampiric Armour Skin Set that includes a Vampiric Helmet, Vampiric Body Armour, Vampiric Gloves and Vampiric Boots. These can all be purchased individually also. In addition, we've added our first two shield skins: Badge of Anguish and Badge of Mirth. Thanks for your continued support!

Here are some videos of these microtransactions:
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Nice now I HAVE TO BUY MORE POINTS! Wait...is that a bat or a cat? Kinda looks like a crazy kitty.
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I'm loving all these Armour sets!
Keep them coming!
These are actually really good, especially the anguish shield skin.
Your own special take on those two laughing/crying Italian masks, eh?
boots and the chest are awesome, i can pass on the hat, thats some crazy anime stuff
Excellent! Look forward to seeing the shield particle effect MTX's in the future as well. :)
Finally MTX options for shields. Thanks GGG.

I don't mind the Vampiric Set, but IMO it would have nice on a cloth base rather than another metal base, however I appreciate the work... the body piece looks fab.
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Would like to see how the vampiric body armour looks on the witch.
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I would buy this right now if it had some red swirling effect like the blue skulls like the arcane armour :(
or some blood dripping off it...

what would penguins do?
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