Corrupting 22x level 20 or 20/20 gem

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Damn only one level 21 and zero 23 quality ... out of 20 tries


The outcome is a shame, but thanks much for sharing this data!
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Holy shet... I think I won't corrupt my new gems but to sell them instead.
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you missed clarity and vitality, more aoe is positive aswell

i have had similar experiences tho... my only +lvl or >20 quality corruption is a lvl 21 hatred (which gains nothing) in like 20-30 gems :(
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Pretty similar to my results
They must have really nerfed the chances of getting good gems with vaal now. I remember the first day they came out there was like a 1:5 chance to +level.
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The only gem that went 21 is the only gem I wouldn't have vaaled heh It's far too risky to do ST if it goes vaal st you're pretty boned.
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ya that sucks man, ive level'd and vaal'd soo many auras and got completely nothing aswell :(

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U got ST :P that's worthy...
I corrupted 2 so far:

Guess i'm a lucky bastard.
getting lvl 21 st is like 20ex WORTH IT
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