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Action Screenshot Competition Prizes Increased

  • First Prize: 2500 Points - $250 value (was 2000 points before)
  • Second Prize: 1500 Points - $150 value (was 1000 points before)
  • Third Prize: 1000 Points - $100 value (was 500 points before)
  • Fourth Prize: 500 Points - $50 value (added as new prize)
  • Fifth Prize: 250 Points - $25 value (added as new prize)

Thanks for your great submissions. If you haven't entered yet, check out the rules and post your entry in the official thread (not this one, thanks!).
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very nice!
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My beloved pets....

IGN: Scuhr
Aweeeesome! I can't wait to see all the screen shots.
I should really get in on this :)
IGN: _Blue_Box_
Dang, now I have to submit new SS :D
IGN: JuanTamod / Epic_Hero
Looks interesting, might have to try it out
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Seems like the competish is strong
Poe Diary 1745234
IGN: Enefeaa
is this fair enough? the contest? i never won even once xDD
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