Vaal Clarity Skill and Tentacle Wings Screenshot

The upcoming content update 1.1.4 contains several new Vaal skills including the Vaal Clarity aura. It also contains some new microtransactions such as the Tentacle Wings Back Attachment. We've taken a screenshot of both for you here.

We're at $21,360 raised for the Child's Play charity. $3640 needs to be raised in the next 90 hours if you're keen for me to shave my head! Regardless of whether we hit 25k, though, the amount we've raised is much higher than our initial estimates and is a really amazing accomplishment thanks to you guys :D

Some people have asked for a picture of what the Angelic Mask (charity purchase) looks like. The image on our front page shows it well.
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Any takers?

Btw, love how the picture is named "yes_shavs_will_have_3d_art.jpg"

Those wings are really gross... love em.
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Sorry to say but Vaal Clarity is a bust...

Nobody is really running skills they can't maintain, in spite of nerfs to (mana) leech attempting to cause that to be the case...

Vaal Clarity is gonna be so OP. You think you can't get 16 kills in 6+ seconds? Wonder how it works with increase duration....
I for one would love to have that vaal clarity, for leveling if nothing else. I've got mana issues going on at level 57 in the two week race, and something like that would help immensely.
I'm not sure what to think about those wings...

Lack of imagination man.

Mind over mater + vaal clarity. You just raised your EHP value by a lot depending on your mana usage.

That's just one use, pretty sure others will come up with other combo's.

Edit :

Vaal Clarity is gonna be so OP. You think you can't get 16 kills in 6+ seconds? Wonder how it works with increase duration....

Pretty sure that's gonna be the soul requirement on normal, it will most likely be 46 like the other aura's imo at merciless.

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I smell capes coming veeeerrrrryyyy soon.
thats shavrones 3d art lol , you could atleast add some black glow on it jesuz
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Nice URL for the screenshot.

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